Technoboy (Cristiano Giusberti)

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legal name: Cristiano Giusberti
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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Sky High (Technoboy remix) DJ Zany 5:35
Bass Beats & Melody (Technoboy remix) Brooklyn Bounce & Technoboy 3:36
Bass, Beats & Melody (Technoboy 2010 remix) Brooklyn Bounce & Technoboy 5:31
Bass, Beats and Melody (Technoboy 2010 remix) Brooklyn Bounce & Technoboy 3:07
Bass, Beats and Melody (Technoboy Remix) (Part of "HARD with STYLE Episode #15") Brooklyn Bounce ?:??
Cocain Bizznizz (Technoboy remix) The Prophet 7:12
DJ Without a Brain (Technoboy Rave mix) TNT 3:34
Fahrenheit (Technoboy remix) The KGB's ?:??
GTP (Technoboy mix) (part of "Hard Arena, Volume 2" DJ Mix) Tatanka 5:10
Gtp (Technoboy remix) Tatanka 3:46
GTP (Technoboy remix) Tatanka 4:36
GTP (Technoboy remix) Tatanka 4:13
Hardventure (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 4:08
Hardventure (Technoboy remix) (part of “DJ Networx, Vol. 17” DJ-mix) K-Traxx 4:21
Hardventure (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 4:52
Hardventure (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 5:08
Infinity (Technoboy Ruff Mix) The KGB's ?:??
J.F.K. (Technoboy remix) Tony H 3:44
Lena (Technoboy remix) Anaklein ?:??
Les Drums (TBY remix) 2 Best Enemies ?:??
Little Red Noisy Thing (Technoboy dub) K-Traxx 2:22
Little Red Noisy Thing (Technoboy dub) K-Traxx ?:??
Little Red Noisy Thing (Technoboy vs. K-Traxx main mix) K-Traxx 5:08
Noise Tool (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 4:24
Noise Tool (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 3:26
Noise Tool (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 6:06
Noisetool (Technoboy remix) K-Traxx 4:56
Oh My God (Technoboy's Callsheet) Technoboy feat. Shayla 2:45
Phases (TBY Romantic mix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix) TBY 2 Best Enemies 3:35
Propulse (Technoboy vs. K-Traxx Hard mix) (part of “DJ Networx, Vol. 20” DJ-mix) K-Traxx 2:39
Revenge (Technoboy 2010 remix) Wildstylez 4:04
Rock Civilizatin (Technoboy remix) Headhunterz 3:46
Rock Civilization (Technoboy remix) Headhunterz 5:10
Rock Civilization (Technoboy remix) Headhunterz ?:??
Rock Civilization (Technoboy underground remix) Headhunterz 5:11
Rock Civilization (Technoboy's Undergroud mix) Headhunterz ?:??
Rock Civilization (Technoboy's Undersound remix) (part of a “Central Energy 2010” DJ‐mix) Headhunterz 5:09
Sky High (Technoboy remix) DJ Zany 3:59
Sky High (Technoboy remix) DJ Zany 2:03
Sky High (Technoboy remix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix) DJ Zany 2:08
The Beauty and the Beat (Technoboy remix) (part of a “SkitzMix 20” DJ‐mix) Hunter 4:10
The First Cut (Technoboy Remix) Frontliner ?:??
Ti Ta TNT (Technoboy vs. Tuneboy Mix) TNT 4:55