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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Loch Lomond 3:23
Loch Lomond 3:30
Lord, I Would Follow Thee 3:55
Love Boat Theme 1:44
Make Sure That It's Regulation Paper. (live) 0:53
Me and Julio (Down by the Schoolyard) 2:19
Mr. Bass Man 1:45
Mr. Bass Man (live) 3:12
My Kids Want to Know Why It Is That I'm Afraid of Them. (live) 2:21
My Maria 2:43
My Maria 2:36
Nuttin' for Christmas 3:27
O Come All Ye Faithful 3:05
O Come, O Come Emmanuel 3:09
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (live) 3:18
O Holy Night 3:34
O Holy Night 4:15
Only One 3:24
Our Favorite Barbershop Tune (live) 0:46
Our Plaintive Cry for Letting It Snow Seems Inappropriate at This Time. (live) 0:48
Our Savior's Love 3:13
Prayer of the Children 4:17
Prayer of the Children 3:58
Prayer of the Children (live) 5:07
Pride (In the Name of Love) 3:46
Pride (In the Name of Love) 3:17
Pudding, Pudding, Pudding, Pudding, Pudding (live) 0:48
Rainbow Connection 3:42
Rubber Duckie 1:14
Rubber Ducky (live) 1:21
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 2:10
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 3:06
Sam You Made the Pants Too Long 2:35
Sam You Made the Pants Too Long 2:42
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 2:57
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (live) 3:06
Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag 3:07
Silent Night 2:41
Silent Night (live) 3:55
So Where Did You Learn Portuguese? (live) 1:26
So You Don't Percuss Sweet Nothings Into Her Ear? (live) 0:54
Some of You May Know That I Moved Away. (live) 1:16
Sun on the Moon 3:10
Sun on the Moon 3:15
That Lonesome Road 2:24
The Chipmunk Song (live) 0:56
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) 2:22
The Christmas Song (live) 2:48
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) 2:28
The Christmas Tree Was Green and Bright 1:55
The Kid From Down the Block Came Over. (live) 0:36
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 3:40
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 3:46
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 4:08
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Encore) (live) 4:36
The Little Drummer Boy 3:03
The Little Drummer Boy (live) 3:12
The Lord’s Prayer 2:05
The Night Before Christmas (A Family Poem) 1:10
The Shadow of Your Smile 2:55
The Shadow of Your Smile 2:54
The Slow Version (live) 1:16
The Spirit of God 4:10
The Star Spangled Banner 1:31
There Is a Green Hill Far Away 4:24
This Season Really Is About Him. (live) 0:31
Tractin' in a Winter Wonderland 4:00
Tractin' in a Winter Wonderland (live) 5:54
Voice Male 4:41
Wales Speaking (live) 1:59
Walking on Sunshine 3:58
We All Served Missions. (live) 1:20
We Three Kings of Orient Are 3:21
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1:29
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (live) 1:09
What a Great Way to Start the Show! (live) 0:48
What Are You Laughing At? (live) 1:19
What's Wrong With Me? 3:16
When Chuck Norris Holds a Dog... (live) 1:46
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem 2:20
Where Can I Turn for Peace? 2:32
While Nobody's Listening... (live) 0:40
White Christmas 2:29
White Christmas (live) 2:32
Winter Wonderland 2:26
You Can Call Me Al 3:49
You Can Say That in General About Life. (live) 1:22
You Lift Me Up 3:12
You May Want to Bring That Up With Your Psychiatrist Later. (live) 1:11
Your Dad Is the Most Unfunny. (live) 0:45
Zombie Jamboree 11:53

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