DJ King Assassin (US producer, rapper & DJ)

~ Person


I’d Rather Be Your Luva!Madonna, 2Pac & DJ King AssassinCD1
  • US1993-01-15
Liferdef RecordsLOD-2M1LUV[none]
Judgement Day2Pac, Dee tha Mad Bitch & DJ King AssassinCD1
  • US1993-02-16
Liferdef RecordsLOD-JD2DA[none]
Real Bad BoysDJ King AssassinCD1
  • US1996-01-15
Liferdef Recordsrbb001
Hitworks Volume OneAssassinCD16
Black Market Records (Sacramento gangsta rap)BMR211736888021126
Born and Raised in the BayDJ King AssassinCD18
  • US1997-01-15
Liferdef RecordsLOD1005792191100521
Hitworks, Volume OneDJ King AssassinCD16
Liferdef RecordsBMR211736888021126
Kriminal MindedDJ King Assassin & 2PacCD1
  • US1998-05-25
Liferdef RecordsLOD-WWG2A17921911006215
  • US1998-09-22
Keep It Real Records, Liferdef Records65602 11112 4 1656021111241
World Wide GameDJ King AssassinCD18
  • XW1999-01-15
Liferdef RecordsLOD 1006[none]
Revelation 2000DJ King AssassinCD14
  • US2000-01-15
Liferdef RecordsLODR10092
  • US2001-04-10
Life or Death Records792191101023
Out of CustodyDJ King AssassinCD20
  • US2002-01-15
Liferdef RecordsLOD1429792191101429
Fillmoe 2 San JoJT the Bigga Figga & AssassinCD20
Liferdef Records603993014322
Fillmoe 2 San Jo 2Assassin & San QuinnCD20
  • US2006-10-10
Liferdef Records635961070528
Black & Brown PrideAssassin & Mopreme ShakurCD19
  • US2007-01-27
Liferdef Records
Fillmoe 2 San Jo 2Assassin & San QuinnDigital Media20
  • XW2007-02-20
Liferdef Records
United Playaz of the BayAssassinCD12
  • US2007-03-03
Liferdef Records640014446328
Dr. KokastienKokane & DJ King AssassinDigital Media14
Bud E. Boy Entertainment[none]
Dr. KokastienKokane & DJ King AssassinCD14
Bud E. Boy Entertainment
Soldierz at WarDJ King AssassinDigital Media19
  • US2014-05-27
United Playaz of the BayAssassinDigital Media12
  • XW2014-06-03
Liferdef Records, We The West
Fillmoe 2 San JoJT the Bigga Figga & AssassinDigital Media20
  • US2014-06-10
Liferdef Records, We The West
Grindmode, Vol. 2OG Rome Hosted By DJ King AssassinDigital Media16
  • FR2015-04-17
Rowdoggs Entertainment
SwaggaDJ King Assassin & Akon[missing media]-
  • XW2019-07-26
Liferdef RecordsLOD-SWG-1[none]
AnthologyDJ King Assassin(unknown)19Liferdef Records
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