Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Alaskan Flounder Basket iwrestledabearonce 2:44
Black-Eyed Bush iwrestledabearonce 2:28
Boat Paddle iwrestledabearonce 3:25
Break It Down Camacho iwrestledabearonce 2:53
Button It Up iwrestledabearonce 3 3:19
Carbon Copy iwrestledabearonce 3:09
Carnage Asada iwrestledabearonce 2:25
Corey Feldman Holocaust iwrestledabearonce 4:04
Curse the Spot iwrestledabearonce 2:49
Danger in the Manger iwrestledabearonce 2:20
Danger in the Manger (Big Chocolate remix) iwrestledabearonce 3:44
Danger in the Manger (Jimmy Urine mix) iwrestledabearonce 3:46
Danger in the Manger (Sluggo & Itchy Robot remix) iwrestledabearonce 6:00
Deodorant Can't Fix Ugly iwrestledabearonce 3:17
Doomed to Fail, Pt. 1 iwrestledabearonce 4:13
Doomed to Fail, Pt. 2 iwrestledabearonce 2:48
Eli Cash vs. The Godless Savages iwrestledabearonce 3:56
Eli Cash vs. The Godless Savages (9MILLIONWAYStoDIE aka dAdA YakUza remix) iwrestledabearonce 5:36
Erase It All iwrestledabearonce 3:30
Firebees iwrestledabearonce 2:57
Firebees Iwrestledabearonce 2:56
Firelord Ulrich (remix by Dada Yakuza) iwrestledabearonce 5:40
Gift of Death iwrestledabearonce 2:51
Gold Jacket, Green Jacket iwrestledabearonce 2:24
Green Eyes iwrestledabearonce 3:36
I'd Buy That for a Dollar iwrestledabearonce 3:06
I'm Cold and There Are Wolves After Me iwrestledabearonce 2:59
I'm Cold and There Are Wolves After Me (Hulk remix) iwrestledabearonce 4:49
I'm Cold and There Are Wolves After Me (Rondo remix) iwrestledabearonce 5:59
I'm Gonna Shoot iwrestledabearonce 2:37
Inside Job iwrestledabearonce 3:04
It Don't Make Me No Nevermind iwrestledabearonce 3:10
It Is "Bro" Isn't It? iwrestledabearonce 2:39
Karate Nipples iwrestledabearonce 3:06
Killed to Death iwrestledabearonce 1:59
Killed to Death iwrestledabearonce ?:??
Letters to Stallone iwrestledabearonce 3:37
Man of Virtue iwrestledabearonce 3:13
Mind the Gap iwrestledabearonce 3:48
Next Visible Delicious iwrestledabearonce 2:40
Pazuzu for the Win iwrestledabearonce 4:01
Pazuzu for the Win (remix by A7IE) iwrestledabearonce 4:57
Remain Calm iwrestledabearonce 3:06
See You in Shell iwrestledabearonce 3:22
See You in Shell iwrestledabearonce 6:51
See You in Shell (Alien Vampires remix) iwrestledabearonce 5:28
See You in Shell (Sluggo remix) iwrestledabearonce 4:13
Snake Charmer iwrestledabearonce 2:43
Stay to the Right iwrestledabearonce 2:29
Still Jolly After All These Years iwrestledabearonce 2:40
Studio Webisodes, Tour Journals, Promo Footage & More iwrestledabearonce ?:??
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon iwrestledabearonce 3:20
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (Big Chocolate Covered Bacon remix) iwrestledabearonce 2 6:08
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (The Benjamin Weinman remix) iwrestledabearonce 3:19
That's a Horse of a Different Color iwrestledabearonce 3:35
The Cat's Pajamas iwrestledabearonce 3:23
The Cat's Pajamas (Invader's remix by Latexxx teens) iwrestledabearonce 3:33
The Cats Pajamas (Piranha remix) iwrestledabearonce 5:04
The Map iwrestledabearonce 2:41
This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain iwrestledabearonce 3:24
Thunder Chunky iwrestledabearonce 3:24
Trips iwrestledabearonce 3:01
Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains iwrestledabearonce 3:46
Uprising iwrestledabearonce 2 4:17
Uprising iwrestledabearonce 4:17
Vlork: Mighty Wielder of Sheep iwrestledabearonce 4:49
Wade in the Water iwrestledabearonce 3:23
We All Float Down Here iwrestledabearonce 3:07
White Water in the Morning iwrestledabearonce 3:51
White Water in the Morning (remix by Rampue) iwrestledabearonce 3:43
You Ain't No Family iwrestledabearonce 3:46
You Ain't No Family iwrestledabearonce 4:00
You Ain't No Family (DJ Danny Maverick remix) iwrestledabearonce 4:20
You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices iwrestledabearonce 2:58
You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices iwrestledabearonce ?:??
Your God Is Too Small iwrestledabearonce 4:00

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