Fred Frith

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1974Guitar SolosFred Frith2
1976Guitar Solos 2Frith / Bailey / Fitzgerald / Reichel1
1980GravityFred Frith44
1981SpeechlessFred Frith4
1982Voice of AmericaFred Frith, Bob Ostertag, & Phil Minton1
1983Cheap at Half the PriceFred Frith3
1983Who Needs Enemies?Henry Kaiser and Fred Frith1
1987With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser1
1988The Technology of Tears (and Other Music for Dance and Theatre)Fred Frith3
1990Attention SpanOstertag with Zorn with Frith1
1991DroperaFred Frith & Ferdinand Richard1
1991Null & Fred FrithNull & Fred Frith1
1992Domestic StoriesChris Cutler / Lutz Glandien with Dagmar Krause, Fred Frith, Alfred Harth1
1992Helter SkelterFred Frith & François-Michel Pesenti1
1994QuartetsFred Frith1
1994Quartets: Lelekovice (String Quartet No 1) / The As Usual Dance Towards The Other Flight To What Is NotFred Frith performed by Violet Wires And Didkovsky / Frith / Howell / Lussier1
1994The Art of MemoryJohn Zorn & Fred Frith1
1995NilScholl, Erismann, Niggli, Frith, Koch, Kowald1
1995Sounds of a Distant EpisodeFred Frith / Marc Ribot1
1996Guitar OrganismKazuyuki K.Null with Fred Frith, Guy Lohnes, Ichiro Agata & Jim O’Rourke1
1997Eye to EarFred Frith1
1997En Public Aux Laboratoires D'Aubervilliers ImprovisationsFred Frith / Jean-Pierre Drouet1
1997The Previous EveningFred Frith1
1998PacificaFred Frith1
1998MeridiemPercy Howard, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith & Bill Laswell1
1999Friends & EnemiesFred Frith & Henry Kaiser1
2000Traffic ContinuesFred Frith & Ensemble Modern1
20002 Gentlemen in VeronaChris Cutler & Fred Frith1
2000Later ...Ikue Mori, Fred Frith & Mark Dresser1
2001ClearingFred Frith1
2001I Dream of You JumpingFred Frith, J.P. Drouet, Louis Sclavis1
2002Freedom In FragmentsFred Frith1
2002WhisperingsMichel Wintsch, Franziska Baumann, Fred Frith & Bernard Trontin1
2002Digital WildlifeFred Frith & Maybe Monday1
2002Prints: Snapshots, Postcards, Messages and Miniatures 1987-2001Fred Frith1
2003Accidental: Music for Dance, Volume 3Fred Frith1
2003Dalaba, Frith, Glick Rieman, KihlstedtDalaba, Frith, Glick Rieman, Kihlstedt1
2003SoshinAntoine Berthiaume, Derek Bailey & Fred Frith1
2003SoshinDerek Bailey,Antoine Berthiaume,Fred Frith1
2003Tempted to SmileFred Frith / Joëlle Léandre / Jonathan Segel1
2004Eye To Ear IIFred Frith1
2004What Leave BehindToychestra and Fred Frith1
2005Allies: Music for Dance, Volume 2Fred Frith1
2005Eleventh Hour (Arditti Quartet / Uwe Dierksen / William Winant)Fred Frith1
2006Duo (Victoriaville) 2005Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith1
2006Ironic UniverseJanet Feder + Fred Frith1
2006ImpurFred Frith1
2006The Compass, Log and LeadFred Frith, Stevie Wishart & Carla Kihlstedt1
2006The Happy End ProblemFred Frith2
2007Tuva Space 2001Lesli Dalaba, Fred Frith, Gino Robair, Matthew Sperry1
2007Reasons for MovingDarren Johnston, Fred Frith, Devin Hoff, Larry Ochs, Ches Smith2
2007The Sugar FactoryFred Frith & Evelyn Glennie1
2008Back to LifeFred Frith1
2008Still UrbanFred Frith and Arte Quartett1
2008To Sail, To SailFred Frith1
2008The Technology Of TearsFred Frith1
2009Impur IIFred Frith1
2009The Big PictureFred Frith and Arte Quartett1
2010Late WorksJohn Zorn & Fred Frith1
2010Golden StateChris Cutler, Fred Frith, Thomas Dimuzio1
2011On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary SnyderFred Frith, W.A. Mathieu, Robert Morris, Roy Whelden; Karen Clark, Galax Quartet1
2011Contretemps Etc...Jean-Pierre Drouet / Fred Frith / Louis Sclavis1
2011Clearing CustomsFred Frith1
2014The Natural OrderFred Frith and John Butcher1
2014Backscatter Bright BlueFred Frith1
2014Fred Frith / Michel DonedaFred Frith, Michel Doneda1
2015Edge of the LightLotte Anker & Fred Frith1
2015It RollsKatharina Weber, Fred Frith, Fredy Studer2
2015Angels On The Edge Of TimeLindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Gianni Gebbia & Lars Hollmer1
2015Field Days (The Amanda Loops)Fred Frith1
2015PropagandaFred Frith2
2016Everybody/s Somebody/s NobodyFred Frith / Darren Johnston1
2018A Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven and EarthFred Frith & Hardy Fox1
2018Lantskap LogicDrone Trio (feat. Evelyn Davis, Fred Frith & Phillip Greenlief)1
2019Unexpected TwinsBruce Ackley, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Aram Shelton1
2020Cut Up the BorderFred Frith, Nicolas Humbert & Marc Parisotto1
2020Free Postmodernism (BBQ with Fred Frith USA 1982)BBQ With Fred Frith1
2020Lock Me Up, Lock Me DownFred Frith, Ankur Tewari, Cenk Ergün1
2021A Mountain Doesn’t Know It’s TallFred Frith | Ikue Mori2
2021Debates For Ganden / InimitableFred Frith | Amanda Miller1
2023Laying Demons to RestFred Frith - Susana Santos Silva1
2023Something About This Landscape for EnsembleFred Frith and Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles1

Album + Compilation

2021Crossing Borders: Vol. 2 of The Fred Records Story, 2001-2020Fred Frith1
2021Rocking the Boat: Vol. 1 of the Fred Records Story, 2001-2020Fred Frith1
2021Stepping Out: Vol. 3 of the Fred Records Story, 2001-2020Fred Frith1

Album + Compilation + Live

1983French GigsLol Coxhill And Fred Frith2
1994Live In Trondheim - Berlin - Limoges Vol. 2Chris Cutler, Fred Frith1

Album + Soundtrack

1989The Top of His HeadFred Frith2
1990Step Across the BorderFred Frith2
1995Middle of the MomentFred Frith1
2003Rivers and Tides { working with timeFred Frith1
2009Nowhere, Sideshow, Thin Air (Music for Dance Volume 6)Fred Frith1
2010Eye To Ear IIIFred Frith1

Album + Live

1982Live in Japan (The Guitars on the Table Approach Vol.1)Fred Frith1
1982Live in Japan (The Guitars on the Table Approach Vol. 2)Fred Frith1
1990Live ImprovisationsFred Frith & Tim Hodgkinson1
1992Improvised Music New York 1981Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn, Bill Laswell & Charles K. Noyes1
1992Nous autresFred Frith & René Lussier1
1999Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire (Graphic Scores 1986-96)Fred Frith1
2000Ars Longa Dens BrevisFred Frith, John Zorn, Onnyk & Toyozumi Yoshisaburo1

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