Billy Idol

~ Person


Work Writers Artists ISWC Type Language Attributes Rating
311 Man Song
Adam in Chains Song
All Summer Single Song
Auld Lang Syne
Song sco
Baby Talk Song
Beyond Belief Song
Bitter Pill
Song eng
Bleeding Me Insane Song
Blue Christmas
Song eng
Blue Highway Song
Body Snatcher Song
Buried Alive Song
Can’t Break Me Down
Song eng
Catch My Fall Song
Cherie Song
Christmas Love Song
Club Wedding Song
Come On, Come On Song
Concrete Kingdom Song
Congo Man Song
Cradle of Love Song eng
  • 2488374 (GEMA ID)
Crank Call Song
Dancing With Myself Song eng
Daytime Drama Song
Dead on Arrival Song
Do Not Stand in the Shadows Song
Don't Need a Gun Song
Don’t You (Forget About Me) Song eng
Endless Sleep Song eng
  • 1180708 (GEMA ID)
Evil Eye Song
Eyes Wide Shut
Song eng
Eyes Without a Face Song eng
Fatal Charm Song
Find a Way
Flash for Ferris MC
Flesh for Fantasy Song eng
For What It’s Worth
Song eng
Frosty the Snowman
Song eng
Ghosts in My Guitar
Song eng
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Song eng
Happy Holiday Song eng
Here Comes Santa Claus Song eng
  • 380040973 (ASCAP ID)
  • 883056915 (ASCAP ID)
Heroin Song eng
Hole in the Wall Song
Hot in the City Song eng
I Forgot to Be Your Lover Song eng
In the Summertime
Song eng
It's So Cruel Song
Jingle Bell Rock Song eng
John Wayne Song
Jump Song eng
  • 400126583 (ASCAP ID)
King Rocker Song eng
Kings & Queens of the Underground
Song eng
Kiss Me Deadly Song eng
L.A. Woman Song eng
Lady Do or Die Song
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Song eng
Licence to Thrill Song eng
  • 2520121 (GEMA ID)
Louisiana 1927
Love and Glory
Song eng
Love Calling Song
Love Labours On Song
Love Unchained Song eng
  • 2520117 (GEMA ID)
Man for All Seasons Song
Mark of Caine Song eng
  • 2520115 (GEMA ID)
Merry Christmas Baby
Song eng
Mony Mony Song eng
Mother Dawn Song
Motor Bikin' Song eng
New Future Weapon Song
Nobody's Business Song
Nothing to Fear
Song eng
O Christmas Tree (English version of German "O Tannenbaum")
Song eng
One Breath Away
Song eng
One Night, One Chance Song
Plastic Jesus Song
Postcards From the Past
Song eng
Power Junkie Song
Prodigal Blues Song eng
  • 2520111 (GEMA ID)
Pumping on Steel Song eng
  • 2520108 (GEMA ID)
Rat Race Song
Ready Steady Go Song eng
Rebel Yell Song eng
Romeo's Waiting Song
Run Rudolph Run eng
Santa Claus is Back in Town Song eng
Save Me Now
Song eng
Scream Song eng
Shakin’ All Over Song eng
Shangrila Song
Sherri Song
Shock to the System Song
Shooting Stars Song
Silent Night
Song eng
Silver Bells Song eng
  • 10109602 (BMI ID)
Sleeping With an Angel
Soul Standing By Song