Tommy Eyre

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married: Scarlet Rivera (1991 – 2001-05-23)
member of: Michael Schenker Group (1982)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜 石川秀美 5:25
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜(12inch version) 石川秀美 6:58
1977 Baker Street (single edit) keyboard Gerry Rafferty 4:08
Aficionado (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:37
Baker Street keyboard and Moog Gerry Rafferty 6:06
BE BOP JUNGLE keyboard 石川秀美 3:33
Ça cache quekchose (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:49
Can't Fool the Blues keyboard BBM 5:15
CHASING SHADOWS ~退屈なダンス~ keyboard 石川秀美 3:49
City of Gold keyboard BBM 3:57
City to City keyboard Gerry Rafferty 5:04
Dangerous Mood keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:59
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood piano Joe Cocker 4:44
Down So Low organ Maria Muldaur 4:25
EASIER keyboard 石川秀美 4:24
Elle s’fait rougir toute seule (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:09
Fan (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 4:17
Gaby, oh Gaby (1991 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:56
Glory Days keyboard BBM 4:23
GO STOP keyboard 石川秀美 3:23
High Cost of Loving keyboard BBM 5:40
Home and Dry Moog and piano Gerry Rafferty 4:51
I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean to Me?) keyboard BBM 4:59
I’m on Your Side keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:40
Idylle au Caire (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:44
Island electric piano and organ Gerry Rafferty 5:15
J’sors avec ma frangine (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:48
Just Like a Woman piano Joe Cocker 5:19
Just Like You keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:26
L’Araignée (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:49
Last Fair Deal Gone Down 12 string guitar Keb’ Mo’ 3:47
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜 keyboard 石川秀美 5:25
Mattie’s Rag piano Gerry Rafferty 3:26
Meet Me at Midnight organ Maria Muldaur 4:03
More Than One Way Home keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:53
Naked Flame keyboard BBM 6:07
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT keyboard 石川秀美 3:44
ONLY A FOOL keyboard 石川秀美 4:19
Privé (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:05
Rebel (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:55
Retours (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:14
Reviens va-t-en (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:11
Right Down the Line organ and piano Gerry Rafferty 4:28
SHOOT SHOOT keyboard 石川秀美 4:12
Standin’ at the Station keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:13
Stealin’ Time electric piano, grand piano and Moog Gerry Rafferty 5:58
That’s Not Love keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:08
The Action keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:59
The Ark piano Gerry Rafferty 5:40
TONIGHT IS FOREVER keyboard 石川秀美 4:23
Vertige de l’amour (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:19
Waiting for the Day electric piano and organ Gerry Rafferty 5:40
Waiting in the Wings keyboard BBM 3:43
Whatever’s Written in Your Heart Moog and piano Gerry Rafferty 6:38
Where in the World keyboard BBM 5:23
Why Does Love (Have to Go Wrong)? keyboard BBM 8:28
With a Little Help From My Friends organ Joe Cocker 5:11
WITHOUT LOVE keyboard 石川秀美 5:14
Around the Next Dream guest and keyboard BBM
Celtic Myst keyboard Lesa MacEwan, Scarlet Rivera, and Tommy Eyre
Keb' Mo' keyboard Keb’ Mo’
instrument arranger
Waiting for the Day brass Gerry Rafferty 5:40
Christmas David Essex with Tommy Eyre, Mo Foster, Trevor Morrell & Mitch Dalton 3:49
Celtic Myst Lesa MacEwan, Scarlet Rivera, and Tommy Eyre