Tommy Eyre

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married: Scarlet Rivera (1991 – 2001-05-23)
member of: Michael Schenker Group (1982)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜 石川秀美 5:25
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜(12inch version) 石川秀美 6:58
1977 Baker Street (single edit) keyboard Gerry Rafferty 4:08
Aficionado (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:37
Always Gonna Love You keyboard Gary Moore 3:55
Baker Street keyboard and Moog Gerry Rafferty 6:06
BE BOP JUNGLE keyboard 石川秀美 3:33
Ça cache quekchose (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:49
Can’t Fool the Blues keyboard BBM 5:15
Change synthesizer [string synth] Keb’ Mo’ 4:17
CHASING SHADOWS ~退屈なダンス~ keyboard 石川秀美 3:49
City of Gold keyboard BBM 3:57
City to City keyboard Gerry Rafferty 5:04
Cold Hearted keyboard Gary Moore 5:12
Dangerous Mood keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:59
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood piano Joe Cocker 4:44
Don’t Take Me for a Loser keyboard Gary Moore 4:17
Down So Low organ Maria Muldaur 4:25
EASIER keyboard 石川秀美 4:24
Elle s’fait rougir toute seule (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:09
End of the World keyboard Gary Moore 6:54
Falling in Love With You keyboard Gary Moore 4:51
Falling in Love With You (remix instrumental) keyboard Gary Moore 4:24
Falling in Love With You (remix) keyboard Gary Moore 4:10
Fan (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 4:17
Gaby, oh Gaby (1991 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:56
Gimme What You Got synthesizer [string synth] Keb’ Mo’ 4:11
Glory Days keyboard BBM 4:23
GO STOP keyboard 石川秀美 3:23
Gonna Break My Heart Again keyboard Gary Moore 3:20
High Cost of Loving keyboard BBM 5:40
Home and Dry Moog and piano Gerry Rafferty 4:51
I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow keyboard Gary Moore 7:56
I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean to Me?) keyboard BBM 4:59
I’m on Your Side keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:40
Idylle au Caire (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:44
Island electric piano and organ Gerry Rafferty 5:15
J’sors avec ma frangine (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:48
Just Like a Woman piano Joe Cocker 5:19
Just Like You keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:26
L’Araignée (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:49
Last Fair Deal Gone Down 12 string guitar Keb’ Mo’ 3:47
Love Can Make a Fool of You keyboard Gary Moore 4:06
LOVE COMES QUICKLY〜霧の都の異邦人〜 keyboard 石川秀美 5:25
Mattie’s Rag piano Gerry Rafferty 3:26
Meet Me at Midnight organ Maria Muldaur 4:03
More Than One Way Home keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:53
Naked Flame keyboard BBM 6:07
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT keyboard 石川秀美 3:44
ONLY A FOOL keyboard 石川秀美 4:19
Privé (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:05
Rebel (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:55
Retours (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 2:14
Reviens va-t’en (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:11
Right Down the Line organ and piano Gerry Rafferty 4:28
Rockin’ Every Night keyboard Gary Moore 2:49
SHOOT SHOOT keyboard 石川秀美 4:12
Standin’ at the Station keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:13
Stealin’ Time electric piano, grand piano and Moog Gerry Rafferty 5:58
That’s Not Love keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 4:08
The Action keyboard Keb’ Mo’ 3:59
The Ark piano Gerry Rafferty 5:40
TONIGHT IS FOREVER keyboard 石川秀美 4:23
Vertige de l’amour (1992 remix) keyboard Alain Bashung 3:19
Waiting for the Day electric piano and organ Gerry Rafferty 5:40
Waiting in the Wings keyboard BBM 3:43
Whatever’s Written in Your Heart Moog and piano Gerry Rafferty 6:38
Where in the World keyboard BBM 5:23
Why Does Love (Have to Go Wrong)? keyboard BBM 8:28
Wishing Well keyboard Gary Moore 4:06
With a Little Help From My Friends organ Joe Cocker 5:11
WITHOUT LOVE keyboard 石川秀美 5:14
Around the Next Dream guest and keyboard BBM
Celtic Myst keyboard Lesa MacEwan, Scarlet Rivera, and Tommy Eyre
Keb' Mo' keyboard Keb’ Mo’
instrument arranger
Change strings Keb’ Mo’ 4:17
Gimme What You Got strings Keb’ Mo’ 4:11
Waiting for the Day brass Gerry Rafferty 5:40
Christmas David Essex with Tommy Eyre, Mo Foster, Trevor Morrell & Mitch Dalton 3:49
Celtic Myst Lesa MacEwan, Scarlet Rivera, and Tommy Eyre