Kraak & Smaak (Dutch musical producer trio)

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Boogie AngstKraak & SmaakCD12Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 34800505135623
Keep Me HomeKraak & Smaak(unknown)4
Boogie Angst (Bonus Remix Edition)Kraak & Smaak2×CD12 + 8
No Sun in the SkyKraak & Smaak(unknown)3Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 45
The Remix SessionsKraak & Smaak2×CD10 + 9Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 488005051401228
No Sun in the SkyKraak & SmaakCD-R5Quango Records[none]
Plastic PeopleKraak & SmaakCD13Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 665050580511903
Plastic People (15 tracks)Kraak & SmaakDigital Media15Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Plastic PeopleKraak & SmaakCD15Traffic Inc.TRCP 36
Plastic PeopleKraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio12" Vinyl3Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 68
Squeeze Me (Remixes)Kraak & Smaak feat. Ben WestbeechDigital Media4Ultra Records (US electronic/dance label)UL 2085
The JourneySander Kleinenberg & Kraak & Smaak feat. Ursula RuckerDigital Media5This Is RecordingsTHISIS005
Electric Hustle (13 tracks)Kraak & SmaakDigital Media13Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Electrc Hustle (Different track order from GB release!!)Kraak & SmaakCD12[PIAS] Recordings (PIASR catalog numbers, plus some PIASN & PIASL)481.A045.0225414939116728
Electric HustleKraak & SmaakCD12Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL113
Let's Go BackKraak & SmaakDigital Media5Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 119
Call Up to HeavenKraak & SmaakCD5Cool D:visionCLD 084.11 CDS
Hold Back LoveKraak & Smaak feat. Lex EmpressDigital Media6[PIAS] UKJAL 127X
Kraak Beats, Volume 2Kraak & SmaakDigital Media2Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 133
Built for LoveKraak & Smaak feat. RomanthonyDigital Media4Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 134
Mixed Feelings (iTunes version)Kraak & SmaakDigital Media14Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Mixed FeelingsKraak & Smaak2×CD13 + 11Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 136550580570306
Kraak Beats, Volume 3Kraak & SmaakDigital Media2Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 147
Good for the CityKraak & Smaak feat. Sam DuckworthDigital Media7Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL 161
Chrome WavesKraak & SmaakDigital Media14Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Chrome WavesKraak & SmaakCD11Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL1645050580600553
How We Gonna Stop The TimeKraak & Smaak Feat. Stee DownesDigital Media5Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL175X
Chrome Waves RemixedKraak & SmaakDigital Media13Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Love InflationKraak & Smaak feat. Janne SchraCD-R4Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL170
Juicy FruitKraak & SmaakDigital Media13Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Juicy FruitKraak & SmaakCD13Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Stumble / So ClearKraak & SmaakDigital Media6Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)JAL2363663729028655
Scorched (extended mix)Kraak & Smaak ft. IvarDigital Media1Spinnin’ DeepSPDEEP398
Stumble [Fhin Flip]Kraak & Smaak feat. ParcelsDigital Media1Jalapeno Records (UK funk label)
Boogie Angst (Special Edition)Kraak & Smaak2×CD12 + 11

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