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In January 2014 we decided to record some of our own songs in our little home studio. Partly for our own satisfaction – creating an archive of our efforts, and also to potentially have songs published and performed by other artists.

We decided that these recordings were to be all about the songs, so we placed limitations on our approach and instrumentation – in order that the songs do the talking rather than the mixes. With so many options available in recording these days, it can become overwhelming - you get bogged down, and never finish anything. So limiting the options seemed a good idea - to avoid dwelling too long on any one song, and keeping the recordings sounding natural. We also didn’t want the songs to become too genre-specific, so by keeping it minimal and neutral, they could potentially be interpreted by others in many different ways.

To this end, we used a basic 16-track multi-tracker rather than a fancy computer – so no copy & paste! We also restricted instrumentation to just drum machine, bass, acoustic guitar, piano and voice. That way we couldn’t hide behind big electric guitars, lavish keyboards/synths or lush string arrangements - we had to rely on just the songs.

So, this is it! We hope you like it… Ade & Dave

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