Jeff Mills (Detroit based DJ)

~ Person

Legal name: Jeffery Eugene Mills

Also performs as: Millsart, True Faith (Detroit techno producer Jeff Mills "Take Me Away")


Unspecified type

2003MediumJeff Mills2
2003See the Light, Part 2Jeff Mills1
2003See the Light, Part 3Jeff Mills1
2004Absolutespecial / Highlightspecial / ContactspecialJeff Mills1
2006The Bells (10th Anniversary)Jeff Mills1
2015Exhibitionist 2 (Part 2)Jeff Mills1


2012Sequence (A Retrospective of Axis Records)Jeff Mills2
2019The Director's Cut Chapter 6Jfff Mills1


1998Purpose Maker Live SeriesJeff Mills1


2003Alarms (Ben Sims Remixes)Jeff Mills1


1993Waveform Transmission, Volume 1Jeff Mills3
1994Waveform Transmission, Vol. 3Jeff Mills2
1994Cycle 30Jeff Mills1
1996Confidentials 5-8Jeff Mills1
1999From the 21stJeff Mills1
2002ActualJeff Mills2
2002At First SightJeff Mills3
2002Time MachineJeff Mills1
2004The Tomorrow Time ForgotJeff Mills1
2004From the 21st, Part 2Jeff Mills1
2006One Man SpaceshipJeff Mills1
2008Alpha CentauriJeff Mills1
2009Gamma Player, Volume 2Jeff Mills51
2009Sleeper WakesJeff Mills1
2009NiteroiJeff Mills1
2010The OccurrenceJeff Mills2
2010The Drummer 26Jeff Mills1
2011The PowerJeff Mills1
2011Fantastic VoyageJeff Mills1
20112087Jeff Mills1
2012The MessengerJeff Mills1
2013Where Light EndsJeff Mills1
2013The Jungle PlanetJeff Mills1
2014Chronicles of Possible WorldsJeff Mills1
2014Emerging Crystal UniverseJeff Mills1
2014Man From TomorrowJeff Mills1
2014And What About The TruthJeff Mills1
2015Woman in the MoonJeff Mills1
2015Proxima CentauriJeff Mills1
2015When Time SplitsМихаил Рудый & Jeff Mills1
2016Free Fall GalaxyJeff Mills1
2017PlanetsJeff Mills & Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música1
2017And Then There Was LightJeff Mills3
2018Tomorrow Comes the HarvestTony Allen, Jeff Mills2
2019Moon - The Area of InfluenceJeff Mills1
2020The Universe Chapter 1Jeff Mills1
2021The Override SwitchJeff Mills & Rafael Leafar1
2021The ClairvoyantJeff Mills1
2022WonderlandJeff Mills and The Zanza 221
2022Mind Power Mind ControlJeff Mills1
2023Metropolis MetropolisJeff Mills1

Album + Compilation

1996Purpose Maker CompilationJeff Mills5
1997The Other DayJeff Mills5
1998The Art of ConnectingJeff Mills2
2000LifelikeJeff Mills3
2001AX-009 A/BJeff Mills1
2005Contact SpecialJeff Mills1
2007Gamma Player Compilation, Volume 1: The Universe by NightJeff Mills1
2014Time TunnelJeff Mills1
2019Sight Sound and SpaceJeff Mills2
2022The Universe: Galaxy 1Jeff Mills1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2004Exhibitionist: A Jeff Mills MixJeff Mills3
2004Choice: A Collection of ClassicsJeff Mills1

Album + Soundtrack

2000MetropolisJeff Mills1
2004Three AgesJeff Mills4
2017A Trip to the MoonJeff Mills1

Album + Live

2006Blue PotentialJeff Mills3

Album + DJ-mix

1996Mix-Up, Volume 2Jeff Mills33
2005The Mission ObjectiveJeff Mills1
2012Something In The Sky MixJeff Mills, DJ Surgeles1
2015Exhibitionist 2Jeff Mills1


1993BerlinJeff Mills1
1994The ExtremistJeff Mills2
1999If / TangoJeff Mills1
2000CircusJeff Mills1
20014 Art / UFOJeff Mills1
2005Suspense / DramatizedJeff Mills1
2006The Bells (10 Year Anniversary DVD)Jeff Mills1
2007SystematicJeff Mills1
2011PhoenixJeff Mills1
2011The PowerJeff Mills1
2015スペクトル相対性理論 × Jeff Mills1
2019Take No PrisonersKen Ishii feat. Jeff Mills1
Kat at Your Own RiskJeff Mills1
The Hand Is Faster Than The EyeJeff Mills1


1993Dark MatterThe Subjects vs. Jeff Mills1
1994Confidentials 1-4Jeff Mills1
1994GrowthJeff Mills1
1995The Purpose MakerJeff Mills1
1996The Other Day EPJeff Mills1
1996Java EPJeff Mills1
1996Shifty Disco EPJeff Mills1
1996Very EPJeff Mills1
1997Tomorr wJeff Mills1
1997Force Universelle EPJeff Mills1
1997Kat Moda EPJeff Mills2
1997More DramaJeff Mills1
1997Our Man From HavanaJeff Mills2
1997Steampit EPJeff Mills1
1998Vanishing Act EPJeff Mills1

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