Steven Wozniak

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A more important purpose than tic-tac-toe. We're taught to... 3:06
And everyone believed it. Wow! So it was... 3:05
And the more electrons that go through the wire... 2:50
Because this is what I have always hung on to... 2:57
CHAPTER 2: The Logic Game 3:24
He thought that to see if something is true... 2:42
I didn't really get into talking to the other ham radio operators. 2:53
I heard a lot of laughter, and I didn't know why. 2:59
I knew what the proper orbits were because I’d used this... 2:54
I mean, anyone could learn Boolean algebra and they... 2:49
I remember wondering what it would take to build a tube... 2:56
Introduction. CHAPTER 1: Our Gang: The Electronics Kids 3:00
My dad's and my relationship was always pretty much about electronics. 2:50
My first science competition was in third grade, and I won. 3:12
The other thing my Dad taught me was a lot about electronics. 2:51
The story was okay -- it was just a story. 2:57
This is known as Moore's Law, which Intel founder Gordon Moore... 3:03
This plywood was covered with parts and it was a huge project. 2:59
This, the article explained, was actually a way to store data... 3:04
We group up playing with radios and walkie-talkies... 2:47
We had to make sure we could do this in absolute secrecy... 2:54
When I showed up on judging day, all the projects already had their awards. 3:12

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