Monkey (Project by Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and Chen Shi-Zheng)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
5 Point Star Monkey 5:59
Battle in Heaven Monkey GBWTK0800014 3:26
Battle in Heaven Monkey 0:32
Buddha's Palm Monkey 1:16
Confessions of a Pig Monkey GBWTK0800019 3:20
Desire Monkey 0:25
Disappearing Volcano Monkey GBWTK0800030 6:08
Drums at the Station Monkey 0:09
Drunk (feat. RaKhah) (part of a “Big City Beats 3” DJ‐mix) Tonrausch vs. Monkey 2:27
Heavenly Peach Banquet Monkey GBWTK0800013 3:31
I Love Buddha Monkey GBWTK0800025 2:08
Into the Eastern Sea Monkey GBWTK0800006 0:34
Into the Sea Monkey 0:30
Iron Rod Monkey GBWTK0800010 1:05
Living Sea Introduction Monkey 0:48
March of the Iron Army Monkey GBWTK0800027 2:39
March of the Iron Army Monkey 0:31
March of the Volunteers Monkey GBWTK0800021 1:48
Monk's Funeral Monkey 1:38
Monk's Song Monkey GBWTK0800024 1:42
Monkey Bee Monkey GBWTK0800029 5:01
Monkey Bee (album version) Monkey 5:01
Monkey Bee (radio edit) Monkey 3:12
Monkey Bee 1 Monkey 0:18
Monkey Bee 2 Monkey 0:07
Monkey Travels Monkey GBWTK0800004 0:33
Monkey's World Monkey GBWTK0800003 2:30
Monkey's World Monkey 2:48
O Mi To Fu Monkey GBWTK0800015 0:57
O Mi To Fu Monkey 0:15
Out of the Eastern Sea Monkey GBWTK0800012 0:56
Pigsy in Space Monkey GBWTK0800028 2:13
Pigsy in Space Monkey 0:14
Sandy the River Demon Monkey GBWTK0800020 2:16
Siren Monkey 0:42
The Dragon King Monkey GBWTK0800009 1:54
The Dragon Queen Monkey 1:34
The Heavenly Peach Monkey 0:33
The Living Sea Monkey GBWTK0800008 1:52
The Living Sea Monkey 0:32
The White Skeleton Demon Monkey GBWTK0800022 1:33
Time Travel Monkey 0:30
Tripitaka's Curse Monkey GBWTK0800018 1:21
Volcano Monkey 1:08
Whisper Monkey GBWTK0800017 2:16

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