Since Book M, Secret Chiefs have begun to release tracks and lately, full albums under performance names. Do not (re)add these albums under the main artist, but check under the performance names:

FORMS, Holy Vehm, Ishraqiyun, The Electromagnetic Azoth, UR, Traditionalists and NT Fan

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1996First Grand Constitution and BylawsSecret Chiefs 346
1998Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: HurqalyaSecret Chiefs 34.354
2001Book MSecret Chiefs 354
2004Book of HorizonsSecret Chiefs 353
2008Xaphan: Book of Angels, Volume 9Secret Chiefs 351
2013Book of Souls: Folio ASecret Chiefs 342
2014PerichoresisSecret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun2
2019Malkhut: The Book Beri'ah, Volume 10Secret Chiefs 31

Album + Compilation

2007Path of Most ResistanceSecret Chiefs 352
2010Satellite Supersonic, Volume 1Secret Chiefs 31
2020HorrorthonSecret Chiefs 31

Album + Soundtrack

2009Le mani destre recise degli ultimi uominiSecret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists3

Album + Live

1998Eyes of Flesh Eyes of FlameSecret Chiefs 32
2009Live at the Great American Music HallSecret Chiefs 31


2007Balance of the 19 / UBIKSecret Chiefs 351
2007Circumambulation / Labyrinth of LightSecret Chiefs 34.51
2007Kultur Vultur / DriveSecret Chiefs 34.51
2007The Left Hand of Nothingness / Personnae: HalloweenSecret Chiefs 351
2011Saptarshi / Radar (The Day the Earth Stood Still)Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun/FORMS42
2012La Chanson de Jacky / The Western ExileSecret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists1
2014Apocryphon of Jupiter / Danse macabreSecret Chiefs 3: FORMS1
2014Medium Aevum / Stars and Stripes ForeverSecret Chiefs 3: UR/FORMS1
2016Telstar / The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)Secret Chiefs 3: UR51
2017THE SYSTEM OF ANTICHRIST / BereshithSecret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists/Ishraqiyun51
2017Danse Macabre SuperdeluxeSecret Chiefs 3: FORMS1
2017I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausSecret Chiefs 31


1998The Theatrum of Suprasensory Universes, Vol. 1Secret Chiefs 31
1998Zulfikar II & Zulfikar IIISecret Chiefs 31
2008Purple Pickle EaterSecret Chiefs 3 / Quintron1
2018Personnae: Halloween EPSecret Chiefs 3: UR1


2017MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*: BereshithSecret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun1
2018MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack Two*: HalloweenSecret Chiefs 3: UR1
2021MUSICA PRACTICA "Geek Pack 3" Book T: ExodusSecret Chiefs 3: UR1

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