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Acceptance Suite: I. Peace of Mind
Acceptance Suite: II. Fallen
Acceptance Suite: III. Recapture
Autumn Aurora Borealis
Autumn Wind
Early December Blue Sky and Chimney Smoke
Early November Bird Formations
Early October Insect Songs
Late November Farm Fields
Late October Changing Leaves
Late September Dust Walk
Lost Silence
Mid-December Night Sky
Mid-November Moonlit Forest
Mid-November Moonlit Forest String Quartet (reprise)
Mid-October Migration
Mid-September Changing Light
Rain on Rain
She Brought Life
Spilled Colors
2017-02-04Autumn Aurora BorealisScott DuBois5:08
2017-02-04Autumn WindScott DuBois5:50
2017-02-04Early December Blue Sky and Chimney SmokeScott DuBois3:53
2017-02-04Early November Bird FormationsScott DuBois5:55
2017-02-04Early October Insect SongsScott DuBois2:34
2017-02-04Late November Farm FieldsScott DuBois4:45
2017-02-04Late October Changing LeavesScott DuBois3:55
2017-02-04Late September Dust WalkScott DuBois5:27
2017-02-04Mid-December Night SkyScott DuBois8:07
2017-02-04Mid-November Moonlit ForestScott DuBois7:38
2017-02-04Mid-November Moonlit Forest String Quartet (reprise)Scott DuBois3:05
2017-02-04Mid-October MigrationScott DuBois5:54
2017-02-04Mid-September Changing LightScott DuBois6:29
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Acceptance Suite: I. Peace of MindguitarScott DuBois Quintet3:08
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Acceptance Suite: II. FallenguitarScott DuBois Quintet7:34
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Acceptance Suite: III. RecaptureguitarScott DuBois Quintet1:51
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29EndguitarScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:10
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29FloatguitarScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman5:00
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Lost SilenceguitarScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:37
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29MonsoonguitarScott DuBois Quintet7:56
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Rain on RainguitarScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:51
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29She Brought LifeguitarScott DuBois Quintet6:04
2002-06-26 – 2002-06-29Spilled ColorsguitarScott DuBois Quintet6:20
2017-02-04Autumn Aurora BorealisguitarScott DuBois5:08
2017-02-04Autumn WindguitarScott DuBois5:50
2017-02-04Early December Blue Sky and Chimney SmokeguitarScott DuBois3:53
2017-02-04Early November Bird FormationsguitarScott DuBois5:55
2017-02-04Early October Insect SongsguitarScott DuBois2:34
2017-02-04Late November Farm FieldsguitarScott DuBois4:45
2017-02-04Late October Changing LeavesguitarScott DuBois3:55
2017-02-04Late September Dust WalkguitarScott DuBois5:27
2017-02-04Mid-December Night SkyguitarScott DuBois8:07
2017-02-04Mid-November Moonlit ForestguitarScott DuBois7:38
2017-02-04Mid-November Moonlit Forest String Quartet (reprise)guitarScott DuBois3:05
2017-02-04Mid-October MigrationguitarScott DuBois5:54
2017-02-04Mid-September Changing LightguitarScott DuBois6:29
Acceptance Suite: I. Peace of MindScott DuBois Quintet3:08
Acceptance Suite: II. FallenScott DuBois Quintet7:34
Acceptance Suite: III. RecaptureScott DuBois Quintet1:51
Autumn Aurora BorealisScott DuBois5:08
Autumn WindScott DuBois5:50
Early December Blue Sky and Chimney SmokeScott DuBois3:53
Early November Bird FormationsScott DuBois5:55
Early October Insect SongsScott DuBois2:34
EndScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:10
FloatScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman5:00
Late November Farm FieldsScott DuBois4:45
Late October Changing LeavesScott DuBois3:55
Late September Dust WalkScott DuBois5:27
Lost SilenceScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:37
Mid-December Night SkyScott DuBois8:07
Mid-November Moonlit ForestScott DuBois7:38
Mid-November Moonlit Forest String Quartet (reprise)Scott DuBois3:05
Mid-October MigrationScott DuBois5:54
Mid-September Changing LightScott DuBois6:29
MonsoonScott DuBois Quintet7:56
Rain on RainScott DuBois Quintet, David Liebman8:51
She Brought LifeScott DuBois Quintet6:04
Spilled ColorsScott DuBois Quintet6:20