Fol Chen (California-based band from the Asthmatic Kitty label)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Tourist Town US64G1409306 3:35
Adeline (You Always Look So Bored) 3:27
Boys in the Woods 3:45
Boys In The Woods 3:09
C/U 3:20
Cable TV 3:05
Doubles 2:56
Hemispheres 3:43
I.O.U 3:09
I.O.U. 3:34
If Tuesday Comes 3:31
In Ruins 3:00
In Ruins (Baths remix) 4:03
In Ruins (Fol Chen Acid Rain mix) 2:42
In Ruins (instrumental mix) 3:00
In Ruins (Kárin Tatoyan Cover) 3:55
In Ruins (Keepaway remix) 2:35
In Ruins (radio edit) 3:00
In the Flesh 4:28
IOU 3:09
Men, Beasts or Houses 4:10
No Wedding Cake 3:35
No Wedding Cake 3:06
Please, John, You're Killing Me 4:34
Red Skies Over Garden City (The Ballad of Donna Donna) 4:09
The Beautiful Ones 5:01
The Believers 4:00
The False Alarms 3:16
The Fifth Season 4:37
The Holes 2:41
The Holograms 3:48
The Holograms 3:49
The Holograms 3:47
The Holograms (FUR Remix) 3:47
The Holograms (Hard Mix Remix) 3:23
The Holograms (Primary 1 Remix) 4:03
The Holograms (Teen Daze Remix) 3:18
The Idiot 3:07
The Idiot (Samuel Bing Casset demo) 1:50
The Longer U Wait 5:21
The Longer U Wait (Version) 5:19
The New December 4:22
They Came to Me 3:14
This Is Where the Road Belongs 3:49
This Place is on TV 6:00
Winter, That's All 4:22
You and Your Sister in Jericho 6:00
You and Your Sisters in Jericho 5:57
You Took the Train 4:02
Your Curtain Call 3:50

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