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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Antiphonie Discodeine 5:48
Aydin Discodeine 3:27
D-A Discodeine feat. Baxter Dury 3:45
Depression Skit Discodeine 0:52
Dive Wet Discodeine 3:17
Dry By Discodeine 4:31
Falkenberg Discodeine 4:33
Falkenberg (part of a “Masterpiece: Created By Gilles Peterson” DJ‐mix) Discodeine 4:11
Falkenberg (Pilooski edit) Discodeine 5:45
Falkenberg (Pilooski mix) Discodeine ?:??
Figures in a Soundscape Discodeine 9:52
Grace Discodeine 2:43
Grace Discodeine 5:11
Grace (Etienne Jaumet remix) Discodeine 4:23
Grace (Gavin Russom remix) Discodeine 6:59
Grace (single mix) Discodeine 5:09
Homo-compatible Discodeine 6:43
Homo-Compatible Discodeine 6:42
Hydraa Discodeine 2:25
Invert Discodeine 3:54
Invert (Parce Que edit) Discodeine 3:54
Joystick Discodeine 7:25
Joystick (part of a “FabricLive 41: Simian Mobile Disco” DJ‐mix) Discodeine 3:47
Joystick (Tomboy mix) Discodeine 7:01
Liquid Sky Discodeine 3:32
Plum Blossom Discodeine 3:34
Relaps Discodeine 2:50
Ring Mutilation Discodeine 5:52
Ring Mutilation Discodeine 5:43
Seabox Discodeine 3:10
Shades of Cyan Discodeine 2:21
Singular Discodeine feat. Matías Aguayo 5:49
Singular Discodeine 2:58
Singular (Das Glow mix) Discodeine 5:44
Singular (feat. Matias Aguayo) Discodeine 2:34
Singular (feat. Matias Aguayo) Discodeine ?:??
Singular (feat. Matias Aguayo) (It's a Fine Line mix) Discodeine ?:??
Singular (It's a Fine Line mix) Discodeine 5:05
Sip Slow Discodeine 3:15
Synchronize Discodeine 3:41
Synchronize Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker FRR641090067 6:27
Synchronize (extended instrumental) Discodeine 5:48
Synchronize (extended vocal feat. Jarvis Cocker) Discodeine 6:26
Synchronize (Jam Factory dub) Discodeine 5:39
Synchronize (Jam Factory remix) Discodeine 5:52
Synchronize (radio edit) Discodeine 3:44
Synchronize (radio edit) Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker FR9W11004859 3:45
Tema Di Gamma Discodeine 7:08
Tom Select Discodeine 5:52
Tom Select Discodeine 5:24
Tom Select (Joakim remix) Discodeine 5:56
Tom Select (La Horse remix) Discodeine 8:08
Vox Discodeine 0:26

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