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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
...Beyond? Wereju 21:33
[untitled] Wereju ?:??
[untitled] Wereju 11:18
A Dark and Restless Sleep Wereju 9:14
A Demon-Haunted World Wereju 38:21
A Monument for Things to Come Wereju 23:00
A Monument to What's Been Done Wereju 17:32
A Shadow Overtakes Us Wereju 8:20
A Siege of Shadows Wereju 4:19
All Love Lost Mark Bradley & Wereju 4:37
An Anniversary of Sorts Wereju 32:55
An Eerie Calm Wereju 10:59
And Death Shall Have No Dominion Wereju 11:46
Another Six Feet Away From the World Wereju 24:20
Banagher (Eventually... Resisting Temptation) Wereju ?:??
Between Godliness and Sin Mark Bradley & Wereju 4:09
Bulls' Blood and Whatnot Wereju 10:31
By Day It Haunts Your Prayers Wereju 31:04
Cloghan (Undoing... The Heartstrings) Wereju ?:??
Conclusions Foregone Wereju 16:45
Crossing Over Wereju 0:27
Darker Than Death or Night Wereju 20:54
Darkest Before Dawn Wereju 2:11
Daylight Dawning Wereju 31:36
Departing the Black Seas Wereju 5:29
Dreading What's Been Won Wereju ?:??
Dream Dragons Slumber Wereju 9:16
Drift... Like Sleep Wereju 6:35
Eden Mark Bradley & Wereju 2:07
Empty Vessels Wereju 8:36
Feels Like I've Been Here Before Wereju 17:12
Few and Far Between Wereju 14:14
Fingerprints, Part I Wereju 2:53
Fingerprints, Part II Wereju 5:32
For Ever Mark Bradley & Wereju 3:11
Forgetting Wereju 14:39
From Out of the Abyss Wereju 1:47
Goodbye for the First Time Wereju 4:16
Goodbye for the Last Time Wereju 11:30
Goodbye for the Second Time Wereju 4:26
His Monuments Are Stick and Stone, Mine Are Just Words Mark Bradley & Wereju 30:22
In the Midst of Forgetting Wereju 2:48
In the Shadows Mark Bradley & Wereju 4:36
Into Withered and Dying Arms Wereju 11:26
Is This How It Should End? Wereju 12:50
It Keeps You Awake at Night Wereju 24:28
Journey Through the Dead of Night Wereju 18:42
Left Out in the Cold Wereju 16:45
Lusmagh (Inviting Solitude... Again) Wereju ?:??
Marbled Stone Mark Bradley & Wereju 3:16
Not Long for This World Wereju 3:00
Not Long Forgotten Wereju 17:10
Not Who I Thought I Was Wereju 10:23
Not Who I Thought You Were Wereju 10:28
On the Shores of Foriving Wereju 9:11
On the Verge and Falling Wereju 1:05
Pretty Outside Wereju 10:10
Procession Mark Bradley & Wereju 3:41
Remembering Wereju 4:49
Ritual Mark Bradley & Wereju 3:29
Singing All We've Lost Wereju ?:??
Sometimes Sympathise Wereju 10:24
Stagnant Seas Wereju 9:18
Staring Into the Abyss Wereju 20:48
The Abyss Stares Into You Wereju 17:17
The Black Seas Are Rising Wereju 13:34
The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of Wereju 31:19
The End of Everything Wereju 6:01
The Gyres (Part One) Wereju ?:??
The Gyres (Part Two) Wereju ?:??
The Heaven's Open Simulacra & Wereju 8:59
The Miles Still Divide Wereju 11:03
The Moon and the Stars for You Wereju 5:02
The Sound of Your Own Voice Wereju 7:51
The Sun From the Sky for You Wereju 8:29
The Way Your Heart Sounds Wereju 8:40
Thirtyfour Years of Decay Wereju 32:04
This Darkness Goes on Forever Wereju 25:01
Towards... Wereju 18:37
Twenty-Five Days Into April Wereju 13:47
Two Days Older Than Dirt Wereju 11:38
Ugly on the Inside Wereju 9:31
We Dream What Might Have Been Wereju 30:21
Where the Road Ends Wereju 7:29
With the Earth in Its Coils Wereju 24:25

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