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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Teardrops Lovestation 3:43
Teardrops Lovestation 3:45
Teardrops Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops Lovestation 3:45
Teardrops Lovestation 3:40
Teardrops (part of “De Illegale Hitmix 1998” DJ-mix) Lovestation 1:31
Teardrops (part of “King Kamehameha Club” DJ-mix) Lovestation 4:44
Teardrops - Flava Mix Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops (Banana Republic vocal mix) Lovestation 7:18
Teardrops (Classic 12″) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix 97 ②”) Lovestation 4:41
Teardrops (Curtis & Moore remix) Lovestation 6:39
Teardrops (Curtis and Moore remix) Lovestation 6:33
Teardrops (Curtis and Moore remix) Lovestation 6:35
Teardrops (Eric Kupper Remix) Lovestation 9:06
Teardrops (feat. Fayleine Brown) (Joey Negro club mix) (part of “Back to the Scene of the Crime, 02” DJ-mix) Lovestation 6:33
Teardrops (Flava 7" mix) Lovestation 3:44
Teardrops (Flava 7" mix) Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops (Flava 7" mix) Lovestation 3:51
Teardrops (Flava 12" Mix) Lovestation 6:30
Teardrops (Flava 12") Lovestation feat. Fayleine Brown 6:30
Teardrops (Flava 12″) Lovestation 6:30
Teardrops (Flava edit) Lovestation 3:47
Teardrops (Flava mix 7″) Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops (Flava mix 7″) Lovestation 3:45
Teardrops (Flava mix) Lovestation 3:46
Teardrops (Flava mix) Lovestation 6:29
Teardrops (Flava mix) Lovestation 3:46
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of “I Love Garage” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:12
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of “The Annual IV” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 2:53
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of “XX, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:26
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Throwback Old Skool Anthems” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:50
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of a “MoS: Back to the Old Skool Garage Classics” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:53
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of a “MoS: The Annual 15 Years” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 4:15
Teardrops (Flava mix) (part of Garage Classics, Volume 2: Summer Edition DJ mix) Lovestation 2:53
Teardrops (Flava' mix) Lovestation 4:54
Teardrops (Flava' mix) (part of “Pure Garage” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 4:00
Teardrops (Footsteps on the Dance Floor) (Ramsey & Fen remix) (part of a “Soundtrack to the Weekend” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:36
Teardrops (Footsteps on the Dancefloor) Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops (Hip Hop mix) Lovestation 6:31
Teardrops (Joey Negro 12" mix) Lovestation 7:31
Teardrops (Joey Negro mix) Lovestation 2:59
Teardrops (Joey Negro mix) Lovestation 5:02
Teardrops (Joey Negro Remix) Lovestation 8:07
Teardrops (Lovestation Classic 7") Lovestation 3:31
Teardrops (Lovestation Classic 7″) Lovestation 3:33
Teardrops (Lovestation classic 12' Mix) Lovestation 6:32
Teardrops (Lovestation Classic 12" mix) Lovestation 6:31
Teardrops (Lovestation Classic 12″) Lovestation 6:34
Teardrops (Lovestation Club mix) Lovestation 5:53
Teardrops (Lovestation Flava mix) (part of a “MoS:The Ibiza Annual” DJ‐mix) Lovestation 3:38
Teardrops (original 7″ mix) Lovestation 4:07
Teardrops (Perky Park radio) Lovestation 3:47
Teardrops (Perky Park radio) Lovestation 3:46
Teardrops (Perky Park Summer Experience mix) Lovestation 6:18
Teardrops (Ramsey & Fen remix) Lovestation 5:15
Teardrops (Ramsey & Fen remix) Lovestation ?:??
Teardrops (Serious Danger mix) Lovestation 7:11
Teardrops (Sly 'n' Ziggy mix) Lovestation 5:13
Teardrops (Sly & Ziggy remix) Lovestation 6:19
Teardrops (Sly & Ziggy remix) Lovestation 4:14
Teardrops (Stardust mashup) Lovestation 5:09
Teardrops (Wildcat dub) Lovestation 8:23
Teardrops (Wildcat dub) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix 98 ②”) Lovestation 4:05
Teardrops / Look Right Through (a cappella) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Mash Up Mix 2015” DJ‐mix) Lovestation / Storm Queen 4:01
The Best of My Love Lovestation 3:15
Trippin - Peter Gill Mix Lovestation ?:??
Venus (UK Original Club) Lovestation 5:16
Why - Flava Mix Lovestation ?:??
Why - Sicario Mix Lovestation ?:??

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