1967Sounding BrassFodens Motor Works Band1
1974The Foden SoundFoden Motor Works Band1
1977Fodens Motor Works BandFodens Motor Works Band. Conducted by James Scott1
2002Brass in ConcertFodens Band1
2008Patrons’ ChoiceFoden’s Richardson Band, Michael Fowles1
2009Patrons' Choice, Vol. 2Foden’s Band1
2010Patrons' Choice IIIFoden’s Band, Michael Fowles1
2010Double TroubleAndy Scott, Barbara Thompson; Foden’s Band, Les Neish, James Gourlay, Tubalaté1
2010A World Within: The Music of Andy ScottAndy Scott; Foden’s Band, Michael Fowles1
2010Toccata e FantasiaFoden’s Band1
2011Patrons' Choice IVFoden’s Band, Michael Fowles1
2011Dreaming of the MastersJens Lindemann, Foden’s Band, James Gourlay1
2011The Lure of the Red JacketGlyn Williams accompanied by Foden’s Band conducted by Michael Fowles1
2012Patrons' Choice VFoden’s Band1
2013Patrons' Choice VIFoden’s Band1
2013Brass Explosion, The Music Of Goff Richards (N. Childs & G. Richards)Foden’s Band1
2013Spirit of Foden’s: The Music of Andy ScottAndy Scott; Foden’s Band, Michael Fowles1
2014Patrons' Choice VIIFoden’s Band, Michael Fowles1
201856 Degrees NorthMike Lovatt with Foden’s Band1
Centenary BrassFodens Band1

Album + Compilation

1970The World of Brass Bands Vol. 2The Fodens Motor Works Band, The Williams Fairey Brass Band, Morris Motors Band, The Sale and District Musical Society & Harry Mortimer1


1914The Pilgrim / In this Hour of Softened SplendourFoden’s Band1
1914The Village Blacksmith (Edison-Bell Records label)Foden’s Band1
1914The Victor’s Return / The Harlequin MarchFoden’s Band1
1914Eventide / AberystwythFoden’s Band1
1914Honest Toil / MephistophelesFoden’s Prize Brass Band1
1919The Village Blacksmith (Winner label)Foden’s Prize Brass Band1
1922A Sunday ParadeFoden’s Prize Brass Band1
1930Shylock / The CossackFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1932A Downland SuiteFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1934Martial MomentsFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1934Old Panama March / Post Horn GallopFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1934Passing of the RegimentsFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1935Hunting Medley / The Whistler and His DogFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1936The Mill in the Dale / Il BacioFodens Motor Works Band1
1939Zampa (Overture)Foden’s Motor Works Band1
1940Sousa March Review / Three MarchesFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1941Flying Squad / Britain on ParadeFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1941John Peel / Minstrel MemoriesFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1942The Queen's Own / The Smithy in the WoodFoden’s Motor Works Band1
1942The Gondoliers - Selection / The Yeoman Of The Guard - SelectionFoden’s Motor Works Band conducted by Fred Mortimer1
1943Hailstorm / Second SerenadeFoden’s Motor Works Band conducted by Fred Mortimer1
1943Military Polonaise / LohengrinFoden’s Motor Works Band1

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