Again, they’ll start off quite noisy and distorted with some jagged and jaded vocals in the back, but then the soundscape ripens into something larger, more agonizingly beautiful and encompassing. There is definitely a rather straightforward dynamic spanning this construction. Like one flight through space or the wonderful world beneath the surface of the sea. The take-off might be a little rough but they’ll take you down soft and easy like falling asleep.

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1988Animal ReligionBig City Orchestra1


1986Daydreams of NightBig City Orchestra2
1986Parade of IdiotsBig City Orchestra2
1987Arc of InfinityBig City Orchestra1
1987Trail Of DestructionBig City Orchestra1
1988A Good Time To Start Something NewBig City Orchestra1
1988Vidna Obmana & Big City OrchestraVidna Obmana & Big City Orchestra2
1990IOS-BCOBigcityorchestre & Illusion Of Safety1
1993BeatlerapeBig City Orkestraw1
1993Greatest Hits and Test TonesBig City Orchestra1
1994Tryst 7Big City Orchestra, The Legendary Pink Dots1
2000SvarabBig City Orchestra1
2003WebweMan Marries Cow w/ the VERY Big City Orchestra1
2004Trixxy Pixxybxg cxty orchxstre1
2005Things Fall Downbigesietyorchestraw1
2005Boom Crash Crashbif cify ofcxhestfa1
2005Kismetbfg cfty oggettwstre1
2006azimuthbgi ciyt orchestar1
2006doUBle the troUBlebco1
2006Signals and Codebigggcittttorchhhhestttreeeeeeb1
2007LullabyBig City Orchestra1
2011NereidsBig City Orchestra1
2012Reflected ImprecationsBig City Orchestra & Charles Rice Goff III1
2015ChimpyBig City Orchestra1
BaobabBzg Czty Zrchzstrz1


1994A Child's Garden of NoiseBig City Orchestre1
2007Drone GnomesBig City Orchestra1

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