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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Handfull of MM&M's (Various Artist in a 5 Minute Minimix) MadMixMustang 4:59
Beat of Confusion (Genesis vs. Michael Jackson) MadMixMustang 4:36
Billie's Running Jeans (Doobie Brothers vs. Michael Jackson) MadMixMustang 4:15
Blue Vertigo (U2 vs. New Order) MadMixMustang 4:19
Blurred Honky Tonk Women MadMixMustang ?:??
Blurred Honky Tonk Women (Robin Thicke feat. T.T.+Pharrel - Blurred Lines vs. Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women) MadMixMustang ?:??
Call Me Kylie (Kylie Minogue vs. Blondie) MadMixMustang 3:57
Can't I Heat U? (Freeez vs. Jamiroquai) MadMixMustang 4:03
Can't Stand Your Tears (The Police vs. Amy Winehouse) MadMixMustang 2:45
Chant Around the World (Michael Zager Band vs. Daft Punk vs. Black & White Brothers vs. Paul Johnson vs. Chick) MadMixMustang 3:58
Countdown F. MadMixMustang 5:17
Delayed Beatbox (Of the Night) (Corona vs. Duffy feat. Art of Noise, Tom Brown & Bomb the Bass) MadMixMustang 4:15
Do It (In the Broad Daylight) (Daniel Rios vs. Chemical Brothers) MadMixMustang 3:42
Don't You Ever Give Up Wanting Me (Baby) (Rick Astley vs. Human League) MadMixMustang 5:08
Don't You Ever Give Up Wanting Me Baby (Rick Astley vs. The Human League) MadMixMustang 4:56
Don't ZZtop Moving (S Club vs. ZZ Top) MadMixMustang 2:17
Even Love U Far Away (Muse vs. Racoon) MadMixMustang 3:18
Fly Me to Moon 5 (Frank Sinatra vs. Jean Michael Jarre) MadMixMustang 3:39
For Once in My Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis vs. Stevie Wonder) MadMixMustang 4:16
Get It on in the 80's (dance remix) (T. Rex vs. Calvin Harris) MadMixMustang 4:38
Get Lucky Star (Madonna vs. Daft Punk) MadMixMustang 4:46
Have a Little Wonderwall in Me (Oasis vs. John Hiatt) MadMixMustang 4:32
I Feel Pretty Fly (James Brown vs. The Offspring) MadMixMustang ?:??
I Feel Pretty Fly (The Offspring vs. James Brown) MadMixMustang 3:00
I Got More Than A Feeling (Black Eyed Peas vs. Boston) MadMixMustang ?:??
I Got More Than a Feeling (Boston vs. Black Eyed Peas) MadMixMustang 5:04
I Love Mama (And Rock 'n Roll) (Genesis vs. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) MadMixMustang 4:25
I Want Your Fascination (Jackson 5 vs. Alphabeat) MadMixMustang 3:27
I'm Not a Creep (Radiohead vs. Calvin Harris) MadMixMustang 4:23
In the Light of Revolution (The Beatles vs. Muse) MadMixMustang 3:38
Karma in a Day (The Beatles vs. Radiohead) MadMixMustang 4:32
Last Night Music Saved My Life (Rihanna vs. Madonna vs. Michael Jackson vs. Indeep) MadMixMustang 3:58
Let's Dance N Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5) MadMixMustang 4:33
Let’s Dance n Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5) MadMixMustang 4:34
Like a Life on a Prayer (Bon Jovi vs. Nina Simone feat. Madonna) MadMixMustang 4:12
Love Is Alright (Stevie Wonder vs. Bob Sinclair) MadMixMustang 4:46
Mahalarockït (Mahala Raï Banda vs. Herbie Hancock) MadMixMustang 3:55
Mama's Superstition (Stevie Wonder vs. Genesis) MadMixMustang 5:42
Maybe It Was One of the Elves (Shaggy vs. Bert Kaempfert) MadMixMustang 3:19
Metal Venus (InstruMarsian remix) (Bananarama vs. Metallica feat. Fake Blood) MadMixMustang 4:42
Monty Python's Flying Queen (Queen vs. Theme From Monty Python's Flying Circus) MadMixMustang 1:53
Moving Undercover (Mpeople vs. The Rolling Stones) MadMixMustang 4:40
My Life (By the Joel Sisters) (Billy Joel vs. Scissor Sisters) MadMixMustang 4:29
Nasty Slave (Britney Spears vs. Vanity 6) MadMixMustang 3:41
Neunundneunzig Problems (Jay-Z vs. Nena) MadMixMustang 4:09
One Thousand and One Dances (Shannon vs. The Flies) MadMixMustang 3:34
Oye Como Super Freak (Rick James vs. Santana) MadMixMustang 4:05
Planet Galactica X (Battlestar Galactica vs. The X-Files vs. Bodyrox vs. Muse vs. The Muppets feat. Jimmy Buffet) MadMixMustang 5:28
Planet Galactica X (edit) MadMixMustang 2:25
Really Bad (2 the Bone) (George Thorogood vs. Michael Jackson) MadMixMustang 3:53
RELAX² (Mika vs. Frankie Goes to Hollywood) MadMixMustang 3:50
Say It Right Tonight (Nelly Furtado vs. Phil Collins) MadMixMustang 4:01
Say Say Say It 2 Me Baby (RHCP vs. Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney) MadMixMustang 3:47
Sexykiss (Prince vs. Justin Timberlake) MadMixMustang 3:55
Sgt Pepper's Rocksteady Band (The Beatles vs. The Rock Steady Crew) MadMixMustang 3:50
Shake Ya Tico Tico (740 Boz vs. Percy Faith) MadMixMustang 2:58
Smells Like Love (Twice) (The Doors vs. Nirvana) MadMixMustang 3:16
Somebody Told Me She's a Maniac (Killers vs. Michael Sembello) MadMixMustang 4:08
Something 'bout Valerie (Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse vs. Maroon 5) MadMixMustang 3:36
Super Blitzious (Stevie Wonder vs. The Sweet) MadMixMustang 4:03
Sweet Sledgehammer (Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Peter Gabriel) MadMixMustang 3:49
Take It Easy on Me (a-ha vs. The Commodores) MadMixMustang 4:05
Take Your Bohemian Mama Out Tonight (Scissor Sisters vs. Queen) MadMixMustang 4:07
Tell Me I'm the One You Want (RHCP vs. John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John) MadMixMustang 3:41
The Final Fool (Cece Penniston vs. The Doobie Brothers) MadMixMustang 4:06
The Love Cat Shack (The B-52's vs. Stray Cats) MadMixMustang 3:11
The Money Planet (Bodyrox vs. Dire Straits) MadMixMustang 4:03
The Way You Got Me That Feeling (Michael Jackson vs. James Brown) MadMixMustang 3:23
This Sexual Feeling (Got Me Upside Down) (Marvin Gaye vs. Jack Johnson) MadMixMustang 4:34
Tie Your Superfreak Down (Rick James vs. Queen) MadMixMustang 3:36
Tom's Din Daa Daa (Suzanne Vega vs. George Kranz & Public Enemy & Benny Benassi) MadMixMustang 5:29
Viva les Boys, Part 2 (Coldplay vs. Thin Lizzy) MadMixMustang 4:00
Where's Lady Madonna At? (The Beatles vs. Beck) MadMixMustang 4:36
You Oughta Be Bop (Don't Stop) (Alanis Morissette vs. Man Parrish) MadMixMustang 5:08
Your Love I Need (The Outfield vs. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding) [MMM] MadMixMustang 3:11
Your Love I Need (The Outfield vs. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding) [MMM] MadMixMustang ?:??

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