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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Computer, Download Me Every Adam Sandler Movie Ever and Then Save It in the Russian Nintendo Bootleg Video Game File Format and Distil Into Its Purest Essence and Convert That to a Sculpture and Then Show Me What It Will Look Like Now... ASAP 5:03
Couleurs ?:??
Crystal Shyps 6:03
Desert Sand Motel ?:??
Diamond Mind 6:01
Don't Miss Our Pirate Page! ?:??
Euclidean Illusion 8:11
Free Stress Test (Ruff Tuff Tonka mix) 1:07
Glitter Whiskers 6:01
I Am God. You Are Minotaur. 6:09
Innter Triangle of Cosmos 6:01
Judy Garland 19:13
Mirror Mountain 6:03
Sangre 11:36
Skyrofoam 6:03
Sword Counter ?:??
Telephone Orgasm 0:35
The Bernstein Bears Go to Disneyland ?:??
The Molly of Magic 6:03
The Phantom of the Sequins (Pulchritudinous Phantasm) 21:00
The Whole World Swallows Itself Whole and Regurgitates Itself Into the Eye of the Universe 6:01
There Will Be No Miracles Here 6:05

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