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Drum Solo on Star Eyes
Having a Birthday
Magic Through the Air
One for Marvin
The Lottery
This Place I Belong
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21Drum Solo on Star EyesmembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet3:05
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21GypsummembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet2:04
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21Having a BirthdaymembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet2:53
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21Magic Through the AirmembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet8:16
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21One for MarvinmembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet4:57
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21ScorpiomembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet7:06
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21The LotterymembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet9:37
1988-12-20 – 1988-12-21This Place I BelongmembranophoneTim Armacost, Rick Hollander, Walter Lang, Jos Machtel, Rick Hollander Quartet8:03
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Autumn Leavesdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Bearable Lightnessdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Out Heredrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Ring 'round Rosiedrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Skylarkdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Something Elsedrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04The Healerdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1991-06-03 – 1991-06-04Vice Versadrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet?:??
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18A Beautiful FriendshipmembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet4:12
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18Accidental FortunemembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet7:05
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18Big StaceymembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet7:32
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18I Should CaremembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet5:26
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18I've Grown Accustomed to Her FacemembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet5:04
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18My Old FlamemembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet5:08
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18Point of the PenmembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet6:00
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18PullmembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet5:49
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18Some Lovely DreamsmembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet7:53
1992-09-17 – 1992-09-18Theme for ErniemembranophoneRick Hollander Quartet8:51
1993-05-11Blue NaturemembranophoneAlbert Sarko4:01
1993-05-11CeliamembranophoneAlbert Sarko4:44
1993-05-11Common CrisismembranophoneAlbert Sarko4:31
1993-05-11Ex - X'MasmembranophoneAlbert Sarko5:01
1993-05-11L.W BluesmembranophoneAlbert Sarko6:39
1993-05-11Ornette's MessagemembranophoneAlbert Sarko6:39
1993-05-11Slidin' With the Back-ForcemembranophoneAlbert Sarko2:59
1993-05-11Straight Ahead to War Blues (For Art Blakey)membranophoneAlbert Sarko6:39
1993-05-11Whatever Happened to You?membranophoneAlbert Sarko7:05
1993-05-11Where's Abbie Hoffman When We Need Him?membranophoneAlbert Sarko6:13
1993-05-11You Never ChangemembranophoneAlbert Sarko4:56
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Baltimore Orioledrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet6:50
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Georgia on My Minddrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet4:34
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Georgia on My Mind (reprise)drums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet2:24
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Hong Kong Bluesdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet7:08
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Ivydrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet7:20
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Rockin' Chairdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet9:23
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Skylarkdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet5:42
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12Star Dustdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet8:49
1994-04-11 – 1994-04-12The Nearness of Youdrums (drum set)Rick Hollander Quartet7:32
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26BewitchedmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich6:13
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Final InspirationmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich7:09
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26I Hear MusicmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich7:03
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26LamentmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich6:23
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Little BossamembranophoneJohannes Herrlich4:33
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Matches in BermudamembranophoneJohannes Herrlich6:42
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Polka Dots & MoonbeansmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich5:27
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Stretching OutmembranophoneJohannes Herrlich6:16
1996-03-25 – 1996-03-26Thinking of YoumembranophoneJohannes Herrlich4:17
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Day Number Onedrums (drum set)Johannes Enders11:28
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Norwegian Wooddrums (drum set)Johannes Enders7:46
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Prayerdrums (drum set)Johannes Enders5:05
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Quiet Firedrums (drum set)Johannes Enders6:24
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Subliminaldrums (drum set)Johannes Enders8:19
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Timothydrums (drum set)Johannes Enders8:42
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Waltz for Susanndrums (drum set)Johannes Enders5:47
1999-10-23Animateddrums (drum set)Ugetsu7:44
1999-10-23Between Road and Homedrums (drum set)Ugetsu6:16
1999-10-23Cape Town Bluesdrums (drum set)Ugetsu7:06
1999-10-23Commandments from a Higher Authoritydrums (drum set)Ugetsu6:34
1999-10-23Down the Back of the Gardendrums (drum set)Ugetsu5:19
1999-10-23For the Sound of the Oceandrums (drum set)Ugetsu7:58
1999-10-23Forged Visadrums (drum set)Ugetsu8:20
1999-10-23Special Deliverydrums (drum set)Ugetsu5:58
1999-10-23The Middlemandrums (drum set)Ugetsu8:09
1999-10-23Valery's Changesdrums (drum set)Ugetsu5:27
2000-05-26Black OrpheusmembranophoneConte Candoli12:05
2000-05-26I Dig FigmembranophoneConte Candoli8:35
2000-05-26Just FriendsmembranophoneConte Candoli10:43
2000-05-26Lover ManmembranophoneConte Candoli8:10
2000-05-26There Is No Greater LovemembranophoneConte Candoli10:18
2000-05-26You and the Night and the MusicmembranophoneConte Candoli8:12
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21A Short Cat DreammembranophoneStephan Zimmermann10:18
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Bavarian BluesmembranophoneStephan Zimmermann1:25
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Der HirschmembranophoneStephan Zimmermann6:16
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Dwarf DancemembranophoneStephan Zimmermann4:57
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Healing ForcesmembranophoneStephan Zimmermann5:42
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Hymn of PeacemembranophoneStephan Zimmermann7:25
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21Jana's BluesmembranophoneStephan Zimmermann6:15
2000-11-20 – 2000-11-21My GiraffemembranophoneStephan Zimmermann7:12
Ai No UtamembranophoneWalter Lang4:26
All You Ever WantedmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Aosugiru UmimembranophoneWalter Lang3:32
Cover MemembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Flicker SkiesmembranophoneWalter Lang6:21
Hideko BushimembranophoneWalter Lang7:22
Hikouki, Part OnemembranophoneWalter Lang5:33
Hikouki, Part TwomembranophoneWalter Lang5:06
I Will Wait for YoumembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Keep on BelievingmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Man Out of PlacemembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Milky WaymembranophoneWalter Lang3:27
Nanasino BuoyamembranophoneWalter Lang7:32
No Safety NetmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
The HymnmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
The Story Went to PiecesmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
This TimemembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Time to GomembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Tomatta TokeimembranophoneWalter Lang4:13
Too GoodmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
V Sirom Poli KrizmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
White LiliesmembranophoneNina Michelle?:??
Autumn LeavesRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Baltimore OrioleRick Hollander Quartet6:50
Bearable LightnessRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Georgia on My MindRick Hollander Quartet4:34
Georgia on My Mind (reprise)Rick Hollander Quartet2:24
Hong Kong BluesRick Hollander Quartet7:08
IvyRick Hollander Quartet7:20
Out HereRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Ring 'round RosieRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Rockin' ChairRick Hollander Quartet9:23
SkylarkRick Hollander Quartet5:42
SkylarkRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Something ElseRick Hollander Quartet?:??
Star DustRick Hollander Quartet8:49
The HealerRick Hollander Quartet?:??
The Nearness of YouRick Hollander Quartet7:32
Vice VersaRick Hollander Quartet?:??