mc chris

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bad (dd) Runner ?:??
Evergreen (IGN version) 3:25
Evergreen (original mix) ?:??
Fett's Vette (Baddspellah Remix) ?:??
Fett's Vette (Smpl's The Weatherman Said So remix) ?:??
Fett's Vette (Todd & Tucker's Cruisin' the Sandway remix) ?:??
First Date ?:??
For the Win (Rough cut) ?:??
Geek (Sassy remix) ?:??
Gemberling Theme Song 0:37
Hesh's Birthday Rap 0:37
Hesh's Wedding Rap 1:33
Hijack (Neverwhere Viva La 80s mix) ?:??
HiJack (Todd & Tucker's Geek Interrupted remix) ?:??
Illy Oi (a cappella) ?:??
Number One With the Ladies ?:??
Number One With the Ladies (Porno2000 remix) ?:??
Stop Time (a cappella) ?:??
The Imperial Senate (skit) ?:??
Tony Kopeck Entertainment (skit) ?:??
U Got Wat I Need ?:??

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