Fused (techno trio)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[unknown] Fused 0:35
Chic (part of a “Ibiza: The Closing Party” DJ‐mix) Fused 2:50
City Fox Fused 1:39
City Fox Fused 1:37
Faded Fused 4:20
Flashback Fused 5:24
Flashback Fused 5:22
French Kissing (Bassmonkeys Remix) Fused featuring Lia Rae 6:40
Hey Girl Fused 5:31
Hey Girl Fused 5:28
Hey Girl (part of “Bar Lounge Classics: Weekend Edition” DJ-mix) Fused 4:27
Hightide Fused 5:25
Hightide Fused 5:17
Hightide Fused 5:22
Hightide Fused 4:45
Hightide (album version) (part of “Café Ibiza, 7” DJ-mix) Fused 5:15
Interstate 78 Fused 4:32
Interstate 78 Fused 4:30
Saving Mary Fused 3:37
Saving Mary Fused 3:38
Saving Mary Fused 3:35
Saving Mary Fused 3:38
Saving Mary Fused 3:35
Saving Mary Fused 3:43
Saving Mary Fused 5 3:36
Saving Mary Fused 3:36
Saving Mary Fused 2:44
Saving Mary Fused GBBBN0002164 3:37
Saving Mary (part of “Disco Nouveau, 4” DJ-mix) Fused 3:04
Saving Mary (part of a “Hit Mania Dance Champions 2001” DJ‐mix) Fused 3:59
Saving Mary (Bob Sinclair radio edit Vox) Fused 3:30
Saving Mary (Bob Sinclar Deep dub) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Fifteen Years” DJ‐mix) Fused 4:35
Saving Mary (Bob Sinclar In a Hard dub) (part of “Disco Nouveau 2” DJ-mix) Fused 4:06
Saving Mary (Bob Sinclar Vocal Mix) Fused GBBBN0002310 9:01
Saving Mary (Original Version) Fused GBBBN0002164 5 3:38
Saving Mary (Robbie Riviera s Vocal Mix) Fused GBBBN0002251 7:28
Somebody Else Fused 4:38
Somebody Else Fused 4:37
Somebody Else (album version) Fused GBBBN0002134 4:25
Spaced (part of “DJ Gogo: Deep”DJ-mix) Fused 4:58
Straight Ahead Fused 5:01
Straight Ahead Fused 4:59
Terror Fused 8:09
Terror Fused 8:22
Terror Fused 8:07
Terror (Lucid Deep dub) Fused 5:57
Terror Lucid Definitive Vocal Fused 8:46
The End Fused 3:38
The Good & The Bad (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) Fused 4:11
This Party Sucks Fused 2:00
Twisted Fused 4:05
Twisted Fused 3:56
Twisted Fused 3:54
Twisted Fused 4:04
Twisted (112 BPM Pop) Fused 3:30
Twisted (Casi Todo remix) Fused 8:52
Twisted (reprise) Fused 4:05
Twisted (Reprise) Fused 6:59
Twisted Casi Todo Remix Fused 7:18
Twisted Radio Edit Fused 3:33
Uncle Sam (Mousse T's disco Sensation) (part of “A Taste Of Peppermint Jam” DJ-mix) Selected Works / Fused 3:10
Universal Fused 5:14
Universal Fused 5:12
XXX Audio Fused 3:39
XXX Audio Fused 3:36

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