B.G. (Christopher Dorsey, US rapper aka B Gizzle)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Start n tha Game B.G. 4:38
Stay “N” Line Hoe B.G. feat. Big Tymers 4:30
Still on the Grind Snoop Dogg feat. BG 4:57
Still on the Grind Snoop Dogg & DJ Whoo Kid feat. BG 4:59
Street Nigga (feat. T.I.) B.G. 5:04
Street Niggaz T.I.P. & B.G. 4:06
Stuntastic Big Tymers feat. B.G. & Lil Wayne 4:51
Take Me to Jail Lil Boosie & B.G. 1:31
Taking Over B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 5:06
Team Head Bussas B.G. feat. Hot Beezo & Juvenile 3:59
That's What I Want B.G. 3:55
Thatshowegetdown B.G. feat. Baby and Lac 4:17
The Bottom Lil Boosie & B.G. 3:27
The Club Scene (skit) B.G. 0:45
The Heart of tha Streetz (feat. Ziggler the Wiggler) B.G. 4:00
The Second Line B.G. 4:29
The Walk Ying Yang Twins feat. Da Muzicianz, Countrie Biggz, Homebwoi & B.G. 4:21
This Nigga Die B.G. 4:31
Thorough Street Nigga B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 4:35
Thought I Was Gone B.G. 5:18
Thrill BG B.G. 4:01
Throw Your Hands B.G. 4:24
Thru the Roof Z-Ro feat. B.G. ?:??
Thug’n B.G. 4:33
Thugged Out Cash Money Millionaires feat. B.G. 4:26
Time to Ride B.G. feat. Maal The Pimp 3:53
To My People B.G. 4:29
Top Back (remix) DJ Drama & Young Jeezy feat. T.I., B.G., Young Dro & Big Kuntry 4:26
Trigga Play B.G. 4:09
Trill Paul Wall feat. Bun B and BG 4:09
Trill Paul Wall feat. B.G. & Bun B 4:55
True Story B.G. 3:36
Tyma Talkin' B.G. 0:31
Tyma Talkin' B.G. 0:51
Tyma Talkin' B.G. 0:55
U Can’t Resist (LP version) Missy Elliott feat. Juvenile & B.G. USEW19900144 3 4:37
U Know How We Do B.G. 4:33
U Need It 50/50 Twin feat. BG & Big Tuck ?:??
U Not My Dog B.G. 2:28
U See Why (feat. Gar) B.G. 4:30
U.P.T. To Da Top Chino Nino feat. B.G. & Juvenile 3:37
Umma Do Me Freestyle B.G. 1:24
Under Surveillance B.G. 4:38
Uptown My Home B.G. 3:51
Uptown Thang (remix Hot) B.G. 3:52
Uptown Thang (Wait'n on Your Pirture) B.G. 3:46
Walk With Me (feat. Gar) B.G. 3:27
We Hustle Big Tymers feat. B.G., Juvenile & Turk 4:13
Welcome 2 tha Section Juvenile feat. B.G. & Bullet Proof 4:22
What I Like About Her B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 4:21
What I Need B.G. feat. Conrad 3:22
What They Do T.I. feat. BG 3:49
What U Call Us Juvenile, B.G. & Lil Wayne 3:06
What U Wanna Do (Feat.6-Shot) Soulja Slim & B.G. ?:??
What U Want Do B.G. 4:08
What You Looking At B.G. feat. Swizz Beatz ?:??
What's That Smell B.G. 3:56
Whateva U Like B.G. feat. Gar 4:40
Wheel Chairs (feat. Big Tymers, Ms. Tee) B.G. 4:26
Where da At (feat. Homebwoi) B.G. 4:15
Where They Do Dat At Lil Boosie & B.G. 3:43
Where You at Wit It T.I. feat. B.G. 2:35
With tha B.G. B.G. feat. Big Tymers 3:40
Work Dat Ass (feat. 5th Ward Weebie) B.G. 3:50
Y.B.E. Prodigy feat. B.G. of CMM 4:22
Y'all Heard of Me C‐Murder feat. B.G. 4:43
Y'all Heard of Me C‐Murder & B.G. 1:27
Y'All Heard Of Me C‐Murder feat. BG 4:17
Y’all Heard of Me C‐Murder feat. B.G. 4:43
Ya Heard Me B.G. feat. Lil Wayne, Juvenile & Trey Songz 4:37
Ya Heard Me B.G., Juvenile & Lil Wayne 4:35
Ya Heard Me B.G. feat. Lil Wayne, Juvenile & Trey Songz 3:52
Ya Heard Me Lil Wayne feat. B.G. & Juvenile 4:32
Ya Heard Me Z-Ro, Agonylife feat. BG 3:38
Yeah Nigga Yeah B.G. feat. Hakizzle 3:32
You Lovin Me Lil Boosie & B.G. 3:55
Ziggy Wiggly - Toilet Paper B.G. 0:53
Zydeco Lil Boosie & B.G. 4:44

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