B.G. (Christopher Dorsey, US rapper aka B Gizzle)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Fuck Big Boy B.G. 4:37
Fuck Thang B.G. feat. Matravious Cooks 4:09
Fuck That Shit B.G. 4:58
Fuck the Game Up B.G. 2:14
Fuck These Hoez B.G. 5:06
Fuck U (Intro) B.G. 1:54
Fuckin & duckin (Feat.5th Ward Weebie) Soulja Slim & B.G. ?:??
Fuckin U Right B.G. 3:00
Gangsta Maino feat. B.G. 4:35
Gangsta Shit!! B.G. 4:33
Gangstas & Thugs B.G., Yo Gotti & Young Jeezy 3:42
Geezy Where You Been (feat. Ziggler the Wiggler) B.G. 4:07
Get in Line B.G. 3:59
Get Money B.G. feat. Bun B, TC & Lady Dolla 4:15
Get on My Feet B.G. 3:57
Get Up B.G. 3:54
Get Wild With It (feat. Ying Yang Twinz) B.G. 3:16
Get Ya Game Up B.G. 4:02
Get Yo Mind Right B.G. feat. Evelyn 3:31
Get Your Shine On B.G. feat. Big Tymers 5:46
Get Your Shine On!! B.G. feat. Big Tymers 6:36
Going On B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 5:24
Gotem Runnin Soulja Slim & B.G. ?:??
Gotta Get It DJ Drama feat. B.G., Juvenile & Soulja Slim 3:36
Gotta Get Me B.G. 3:59
Gotta Show Me U Worth It Webbie feat. B.G. 4:07
Gun Slinger B.G. 4:25
Gutta Gutta B.G. feat. Gar 3:54
Gz On Deck T.I. feat. B.G. 4:13
Hallways & Cuts Turk feat. Mickey & BG 4:06
Hangin Out B.G. 5:03
Hard Times B.G. 4:05
Hardtymes Lil Boosie & B.G. 3:54
He Used 2 Be a Man B.G. 4:54
Headbussa's B.G. feat. Magnolia Boyz 4:09
Heart of a Killer B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 4:08
Help B.G. 5:18
Hennessy & Xtc B.G. feat. Big Tymers 3:30
Hennessy & XTC B.G. 4:42
High Beamin' Lil Wayne feat. B.G. 4:09
Hit the Block & Roll B.G. 4:03
Hold That Thought B.G. 3:44
Hold U Down B.G. 2:36
Holla at Me (extended explicit) KLC feat. Mystikal, Calico & BG 5:01
Holla at Me (extended radio version) KLC feat. Mystikal, Calico & BG 5:02
Holla at Me (radio edit) KLC feat. Mystikal, Calico & BG 3:54
Hood Took Me Under B.G. 4:22
Hot Boys 226 B.G. feat. Hot Boys 4:36
Hottest of the Hot B.G. 4:15
Hottest of the Hot B.G. 4:36
Hottest of the Hot (disco D remix) B.G. 4:52
Hottest of the Hot (Disco D remix) B.G. 4:29
Hottest of the Hot (Micheal Beat N Azz Crooms remix) B.G. 4:01
However Whatever Whenever Soulja Slim & B.G. ?:??
However You Wanna Do It Lil Boosie & B.G. 2:47
However You Want It B.G. 4:12
Hustle B.G. feat. Young Jeezy 1:03
Hustle Time Young Jeezy feat. B.G. 3:18
Hydro B.G. 2:52
I Ain't Got Nothing B.G. 4:16
I Be Thinking B.G. 4:35
I Did That Juvenile feat. Big Moe & B.G. 4:35
I Got Mine Young Buck feat. B.G. 4:37
I Hustle B.G. feat. Young Jeezy 3:30
I Hustle Slick Pulla feat. B.G. & Young Jeezy 3:40
I Hustle B.G. feat. Young Jeezy 3:31
I Hustle Young Jeezy feat. B.G. 2:12
I Hustle (instrumental) B.G. 3:29
I Keep It Gangsta B.G. 4:44
I Know B.G. 3:54
I Phone Lil Boosie & B.G. 3:02
I Swar B.G. feat. Gar 4:07
I Wanna Fuck (feat. Hakim, Gar, Sniper & Conrad) B.G. 5:11
I Want It BG ?:??
I Want It (Chopped & Screwed) BG ?:??
I'm Nice Berner feat. B.G. 4:14
I’m Out Here B.G. 4:06
I’m Straight T.I. feat. B.G. & Young Jeezy USAT20610997 6:36
I’m Try’n B.G. feat. Lil Wayne & Juvenile 3:50
Iknow B.G. 0:57
Im Out Here B.G. 4:30
In the Hood B.G. 2:46
In These Streets Chamillionaire feat. B.G. & Soulja Slim 5:00
In These Streets Chamillionaire, Stat Quo, B.G. & Soulja Slim 5:04
In These Streets (Chopped & Screwed) Chamillionaire, Stat Quo, B.G. & Soulja Slim 9:06
Intro B.G. feat. Big Tymers 1:52
Intro Killa Tay feat. C-Bo and B.G. 0:47
Intro B.G. 2:02
Intro B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 2:54
Intro (feat. Ziggler the Wiggler) B.G. 2:57
It Don't Stop B.G. feat. Hakizzle & Bossman 4:14
It's Real B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz 4:20
It's Real B.G. 3:50
Its On Now Soulja Slim & B.G. ?:??
Jack Who Take What B.G. 3:11
Jungle B.G. 4:37
Junkie Child The Neville Brothers feat. B.G. 4:31
Just Like That B.G. 4:28
Keep It 100 B.G. feat. Magnolia Chop 4:07
Keep It Real B.G. 4:08

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