Lezet (Igor Jovanovic, Serbian experimental artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
" (Me Up at Does)" by E.E. Cummings Lezet 1:08
"Aja Sofija" by Ljubomir Micic Lezet 3:25
"Cigarren" by Kurt Schwitters Lezet 1:10
"Dos Cuerpos" De Octavio Paz Lezet 3:07
"Elegy" by Alan Dugan Lezet 1:30
"Ella Fitzgerald" by James a. Emanuel Lezet 1:30
"Finish" by Charles Bukowski Lezet 0:50
"Fl... (2)" by E.E. Cummings Lezet 1:11
"Haiku" by Jack Kerouac Lezet 0:24
"Jane Icin (For Jane - In Turkish)" by Charles Bukowski Lezet 4:58
"John Coltrane" by James a. Emanuel Lezet 1:16
"Karawane" by Hugo Ball Lezet 2:59
"L (A" by E.E. Cummings) Lezet 0:18
"Luck" by Charles Bukowski Lezet 1:48
"Night in Iowa" by Deborah Ager Lezet 1:33
"One Thing of It We Borrow" by Emily Dickinson Lezet 1:19
"Poetry" by Charles Bukowski Lezet 0:34
"Seeker of Truth" by E.E. Cummings Lezet 0:41
"Silence... (40)" by E.E. Cummings Lezet 0:42
"Small Song" by A.R. Ammons Lezet 0:42
"Soft Snow" by William Blake Lezet 1:12
"The Fly" by Ogden Nash Lezet 0:26
"The Pool" by Hilda Doolittle Lezet 1:03
"The Sea Is History" by Derek Walcott Lezet 0:17
"Thin Jake" by Michael Dudgon Lezet 0:55
"To Be or Not to Be" (Extract) By William Shakespeare Lezet 1:04
"Tu Nombre" by Octavio Paz Lezet 2:22
"Unsittliches I-Gedicht" by Kurt Schwitters Lezet 1:03
"We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks Lezet 1:13
"Weathering" by A.R. Ammons Lezet 0:35
(An Unnamed Verse) By Johannes Baargeld Lezet 0:32
2" in 2" Lezet 1:59
A Cockup in the Bravado Department Lezet ?:??
A Poetess Needed Lezet 2:03
A Single Drumstick Isn't Gonna Kill Ya Lezet 0:28
Afrancesado Lezet 1:56
Buying a Proverbial Lemon Lezet 1:22
Caos Intro Suzana's Bauten and Lezet and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 8:49
Claptrap 6 Lezet 1:44
Claptrap 7 Lezet 2:12
Comic Relief (feat. Tracy Lee Summers) Lezet 0:43
Different Strokes for Different Folks Lezet 1:03
Ecole Lezet 3:23
Fun Lezet and His Nephew Vanja 2:30
Gilles Deleuze Lezet 1:14
Glitch Lezet 4:42
Humour Me Lezet 1:18
Je June Lezet 0:13
Labour Day Thoughts Lezet 3:39
Level Completed Lezet 0:11
Loader Lezet 7:14
Lullaby No.2 Lezet 1:22
Members of the Finger-Pointing Society Lezet 0:04
Members of the Finger-Pointing Society Lezet 0:05
Memory Lane Is Closed Lezet 1:36
Memory Lane Is Closed 2 Lezet 1:18
Miasmah Lezet 0:44
My Spurting Days Are Long Gone ('Stroking Luck' Chryst Phyr Blyr remix) Lezet 3:36
Prepared Piano Piece I Lezet 0:36
Prepared Piano Piece II Lezet 0:52
Prepared Piano Piece III Lezet 0:26
Prepared Piano Piece IV Lezet 0:45
Prepared Piano Piece IX Lezet 1:44
Prepared Piano Piece V Lezet 0:42
Prepared Piano Piece VI Lezet 0:22
Prepared Piano Piece VII Lezet 5:53
Prepared Piano Piece VIII Lezet 1:06
Prepared Piano Piece X Lezet 0:41
Press Play On Tape Lezet 5:55
Proslava Nove Godine Lezet 1:17
Quaalude's Encore (original composition by Eric Schwartz) Lezet 2:19
Roots and Wings Lezet 0:47
Slam Poetry Night Lezet 1:19
The Ringing Tower Lezet 3:40
Walkthrough Lezet 0:54
You Suffer (Sungazer’s Woe) Lezet 0:06

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