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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Sailor's Prayer Minstrosity 2:53
Advice From the Animals Minstrosity 2:31
Bristol That Stands by the Sea Minstrosity 2:08
Do You Love An Apple Minstrosity 4:00
Down With the French/Hunt the Squirrel Minstrosity 2:09
Hal 'n' Tow Minstrosity 1:57
Half Hannykin Minstrosity 2:03
Health to the Company Minstrosity & Cyd Shelby Fiddle 3:36
Jig Set (Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig/Morrison's Jig) Minstrosity 3:13
La Castellana Minstrosity 2:17
Marching Inland Minstrosity 2:40
P Stands for Paddy Minstrosity & Gus Friedlander Mandolin 2:40
Strike the Bell Minstrosity 2:51
The Ballad of Tommy Gibb Minstrosity 2:07
The Ferryman's Fee Minstrosity 4:14
The Future Isn't What It Used To Be Minstrosity & David Bragman Banjo 3:06
The Lady in Puce Minstrosity 3:05
The Mighty Mary Lee Minstrosity 0:12
The Minstrel Boy Minstrosity 4:23
The Night Pat Murphy Died Minstrosity 3:57
Tinker's Rest Minstrosity 3:33
Tobacco Is Like Love Minstrosity 2:15
Twiddles Minstrosity 2:47
What Would You Do If You Married a Soldier/Harvest Home Minstrosity 2:19

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