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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Butt 3:29
A fine howdy-do 0:26
Advanced Friend-Making Techniques 1:57
Around the World in Eighty Seventy 4:21
Ass Butt Face in a Car Chase 4:09
Automatic Band 1:39
Bears and Dolphins 2:34
Bouncing Harry 4:44
Bouncing Judy 3:20
Click Here for Prizes 4:33
Come Down From There Grandma What Are You Doing? 3:31
Extra Pickles 1:35
Fantastic Face 3:03
Getting serious about horses 3:54
Graghgl 6:49
Hello Yellow Fellow 3:30
Hello Yellow Fellow (TylerK remix) 2:46
Hey little boy would you like ten oranges 4:13
Hiding pencils 4:00
How to use Jedi mind tricks to win at party games 4:09
I Like to Have a Little Boat in My Shit 0:07
I was eating some delicious oats, but they're all gone now and it's making me very happy indeed 0:16
Jim Thompson 6:26
Linux and Lucy 3:10
Made with computers 4:30
Make Us All Happy :-) 4:35
Meaty Surprises 3:44
Melee feets 4:17
Mister Hamburger Spastic 3:30
Outsmarted by a Pineapple 2:23
Pataglu 3:01
Puiro is simply swell 4:05
Rally Point 0:35
Reprise 2:43
Rocket Shoes 4:33
Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a briefcase 1:36
Salivation 1:32
Sandwiches sandwiches 3:37
Seven Kinds of Six (extended version) 4:21
Short music for people with syphilis 1:05
Shut Up You Are Just a Rhinoceros 4:28
Space horse 5:16
Stop 2:42
Stuff's happening 1:15
Super bonus prize 4:09
This Is How I Do It 2:39
This Is the Perfect Time for Arts and Crafts 3:39
Tiny Friends 1:34

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