Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Alex MacDonnell's Favourite / Queensville Jig / The Green Tree / Gordon Graham's Jig Buddy MacMaster 4:26
Captain O'Kane / Miss Hutton / O'Dowd's Favourite Buddy MacMaster 5:12
Christy Campbell Strathspey/Bridge of Bamore/Marquis of Tullybardine/Margaree Reel Buddy MacMaster 3:40
Da Slockit Light /Glen Caladh Castle / The Lasses of Stewarton Reel Buddy MacMaster 3:55
Dan R. Medley Buddy MacMaster 4:23
Dan R's Favourite / Willie Fraser's / Francis Beaton's / Derrick Beaton's Buddy MacMaster 2:50
Don't Be Teasing / Richard Brennan's Jig / Bonny Lea Rig Buddy MacMaster 3:09
Down the Burn Davie Lad / Laddie With the Pladdie / Miss Gordon's / Athole Brose / Lady Muir MacKenzie / Jenny Dang the Weaver Buddy MacMaster & Barbara MacDonald Magone 5:29
Duncan Johnstone / Roderick MacDonald / Memories of Hughena Ratchford / Wesley Gillis Buddy MacMaster 4:38
Farewell to the Glen/Mr. Dow/Mrs. Dow Buddy MacMaster 3:11
Father John Angus Rankin / Trip To Dublin / Harry Bradshaw's / Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to the Shetlands Buddy MacMaster 5:12
Glengarry’s Dirk / Rothiemurchus Rant / The Braes of Auchtertyre / The Braes of Glencoe / The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow / The Bird’s Nest / Caber Feidh Buddy MacMaster, Carl MacKenzie & Dave MacIsaac 5:34
Golden Rod Jig / The New Stove Jig / Irene's Jig Buddy MacMaster 3:09
Happy-Go-Lucky Clog/Saratoga Hornpipe/Irish-American Reel Buddy MacMaster 3:37
Highlander's Farewell to Ireland/Willie MacKenzie's/The Burning House Buddy MacMaster 3:57
Hugh Douglas / The Norton / Castle Hill (strathspey, reels) Buddy MacMaster 2:31
Hughie and Janet's March/Warlocks/Tarbolton Lodge/Alistair Hunter Buddy MacMaster 5:22
Iona House (Buddy Solo) Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 4:50
Jackson's Trip to Augrim / Tripping Up Stairs / Tar Road to Sligo / Swinging on Home Buddy MacMaster 4:43
Kenloch Jig / The Strathlorne Jig / Spin 'n' Glow Buddy MacMaster 3:17
King George IV / Old King George Strathspey / Old King's Reel / King's Reel / Old Traditional Reel Buddy MacMaster 3:13
Little John's Hame/The Forth Bridge Strathspey/The Forth Bridge Reel/Scourdiness/Miss Baigrie Reel Buddy MacMaster 5:19
Margaret's Waltz/The Rosewood Jig/Judique Jig Buddy MacMaster 4:44
Memories of Father Charles MacDonald / Peter and Doreen Chiasson / Willie Kennedy's / Homeward Bound Buddy MacMaster 6:12
Memories of Paddy LeBlanc / Lord Alexander Gordon (strathspey;Coles collection) / The Marquis of Huntly / Haud Er Guan Buddy MacMaster 5:12
Miller of Drone/The Yetts of Muckart/Lochiel's Rant/Pigeon on the Gate Buddy MacMaster 3:34
Mrs. Ferguson of Reaths / Lord Donne's Strathspey / Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Johnson Pitworth Buddy MacMaster 4:44
Nicole Fakoory/Gabrielle's/ Boston Life/Moll in the Wad/Spin 'n Glow Buddy MacMaster 4:49
O’er the Moor Among the Heather / The Laddie With the Plaiddie / Missgordon’s / Lady Muir Mackenzie / The Lasses of Stewarton Buddy MacMaster 6:04
Oban and Lorne Society / The Devil in the Kitchen (strathspey; trad) / Miss Drummond of Perth / Trad. Reel / Trad. Reel Buddy MacMaster 4:14
Paulette Bissonnette / A Taste of Gaelic / John MacDougall Buddy MacMaster 3:30
PM Jim Christie of Wich/ Miss Catrina Gillies/ Coire an Lochan / Andy Renwick's Ferret Buddy MacMaster 4:53
Primrose Lasses Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 5:46
R. P. Cummings Welcome / Christie Campbell / Anthony Murray / The Straw Man / Arrochar Bridge / The Mackentosh of MacKentosk Buddy MacMaster 4:52
R.P. Cummings March / Christie Campbell / Trad. Strathspey / Trad. Reel / Trad Reel / The MacKintosh of MacKintosh Buddy MacMaster 4:51
Scourdiness Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 3:36
Silverwells/The Lass O'Corrie Mill/The Duchess of Buccleuch/The Highlands of Banffshire/Carnie's Canter Buddy MacMaster 6:17
Sir Wilfred Laurier's Jig/Gordon's Trip to Sydney/Kohler's Jig/Miss Sophia Campbell Buddy MacMaster 4:29
Springwell/Buddy's Detour/Francis Xavier Kennedy/Kathleen's Favourite Jig Buddy MacMaster 4:20
St. Elmo / Snowflake / The Gladstone Reel Buddy MacMaster 3:32
The Bell Piano Strathspey/Snowplough Reel/Miss Smyth of Methven/The King's Reel/Miss Lyall/Sandy Cameron/Miss MacLeod's Reel Buddy MacMaster 5:12
The Bonnie Lass of Headlake Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 2:40
The Castle Hornpipe/Sean Maquire's Reel/The Scotsville Reel/Timur the Tarta Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 6:54
The Dougall Creature Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 8:15
The Golden Keyboard / Swallowtail Jig / The Two Mile Bridge / Champion Jig Buddy MacMaster 4:07
The Grey Seal's Lament for Its Pup/Miss Ann Moir's Birthday/The Duke of Gordon's Birthday/London Lasses/West Mabou Buddy MacMaster 4:18
The King George (medley) Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 3:24
The Leg of the Duck Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 5:28
The Little Pickle Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 5:29
The Little Pickle / Compliments to the Boys of the Lough / The Canadian Club / The Champion Jig Buddy MacMaster 4:15
The Lockerbie Lament / The Sands of Burrafirth / MacKenzie Fraser Buddy MacMaster 5:59
The Newfoundland / Kildonan Hall (jigs) Buddy MacMaster 2:18
The Real Thing/Upper Denton Hornpipe/Catching Rabbits Buddy MacMaster 4:09
The Red Shoes Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 7:42
The Rosebud of Allenvale / Tom Dey / Miss Dale / Maggie Cameron / The Devil in the Kitchen / Margaree / St. Kilda Wedding / Elizabeth’s Big Coat / Bridge of Bamore Buddy MacMaster and Joey Beaton USSF10249108 9:47
The Second Star Hornpipe / Tom Marsh's Hornpipe / Compliments To Doug MacPhee Buddy MacMaster 4:09
The Stage Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 5:27
The Ten Pound Fiddle (Natalie Solo) Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 4:23
The Warlock Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 6:16
The Way to Judique / Compliments to the Boys of the Lough / The Canadian Club Jig / The Hills of Glenorchy / Walking the Floor Buddy MacMaster and Joey Beaton USSF10249105 5:16
Trip to Mabou Ridge / Dan L. Cameron / Snow Plough / Miss Smith of Methvins Buddy MacMaster 3:53
Wilfred's Fiddle Natalie & Buddy MacMaster 5:06

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