Low (Minnesota indie rock/slowcore band)

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members: Steve Garrington
Mimi Parker
Alan Sparhawk
Zak Sally (1993 – 2005)
John Nichols (original bassist in Low) (1994 – 1995)
Matt Livingston (2005 – 2008)
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Date Title Artist Length
art direction
Drums and Guns Low
Drums and Guns Low
Things We Lost in the Fire Low
Trust Low
Trust Low
Long Division Low
Nowhere Man Low 2:46
[untitled] Low 0:49
Closer Low 5:06
Dinosaur Act Low 4:13
Embrace Low 5:38
In Metal Low 4:20
July Low 5:36
Kind of Girl Low 3:31
Laser Beam Low 2:55
Like a Forest Low 2:28
Medicine Magazines Low 4:34
Sunflower Low 4:39
Whitetail Low 5:03
Whore Low 4:24
Things We Lost in the Fire Low
Micro Cosmic Neotropic 4:54
Bombscare EP Low & Spring Heel Jack
In the Fishtank, Volume 7 Low + Dirty Three
In the Fishtank, Volume 7 Low + Dirty Three
Nowhere Man Low 2:46
Drums and Guns Low
We Could Live in Hope: A Tribute to Low Various Artists
Last Snowstorm of the Year