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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1961Cuttin' InstringsJohnny (Guitar) Watson3:16
1962-12-10Half a ManviolinWillie Nelson2:25
1965-05-12Summer Means New Love (mono)violinThe Beach Boys2:01
1966-01-19Let's Go Away for Awhile (instrumental stereo mix)violinThe Beach Boys2:26
1966-01-19Let’s Go Away for AwhileviolinThe Beach Boys2:21
1966-01-19Let’s Go Away for Awhile (mono)violinThe Beach Boys2:21
1966-01-19Let’s Go Away for Awhile (stereo)violinThe Beach Boys2:25
1966-03-06I'm Waiting for the Day (stereo backing track)violinThe Beach Boys3:09
1966-03-06I’m Waiting for the DayviolinThe Beach Boys3:06
1966-03-06I’m Waiting for the Day (mono)violinThe Beach Boys3:06
1966-03-06I’m Waiting for the Day (stereo)violinThe Beach Boys3:07
1966-03-10God Only KnowsviolinThe Beach Boys2:53
1966-03-10God Only Knows (mono)violinThe Beach Boys2:50
1966-03-10God Only Knows (stereo)violinThe Beach Boys2:55
1966-03-10God Only Knows (instrumental stereo mix)violinThe Beach Boys2:57
1967Fan TanviolinJan & Dean2:20
1968-09-19(Sock It To Me) Harper Valley P.T.A.stringsGene Harris & The Three Sounds2:45
1968-09-19Book Of SlimstringsGene Harris & The Three Sounds3:46
1968-09-19Sittin' DuckstringsGene Harris & The Three Sounds9:15
1968-09-20African SweetsviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds4:31
1968-09-20Black GoldviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds3:56
1968-09-20Do It Right NowviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds6:18
1968-09-20Elegant SoulviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds3:15
1968-09-20Sugar HillviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds2:45
1968-09-20Walls Of RespectviolinGene Harris & The Three Sounds3:40
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Andromeda’s SufferingviolinAlice Coltrane9:04
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Excerpts From "The Firebird"violinAlice Coltrane5:43
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Going HomeviolinAlice Coltrane10:01
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Lord of LordsviolinAlice Coltrane11:17
1972-07-05 – 1972-07-13Sri Rama OhnedaruthviolinAlice Coltrane6:12
A Change Is Gonna ComeviolinSam Cooke3:13
Lumpy Gravy, Part OnestringsFrank Zappa15:51
Lumpy Gravy, Part TwostringsFrank Zappa15:51
Nothing Can Change This LoveviolinSam Cooke2:40
Sugar DumplingviolinSam Cooke2:45
Evergreen, Vol. 2guest and stringsThe Stone Poneys
Living Together, Growing TogetherLeonard MalarskystringsThe 5th Dimension