member of:Central Line (percussion, congas, bongos)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
白い月 (white moon)HaLo4:39
白い月 (white moon)
3 Chord TrickpercussionDire Straits Legacy4:16
A Boat Lies WaitingpercussionDavid Gilmour4:35
All I DopercussionRandy Crawford4:15
And Then…percussionDavid Gilmour4:30
August & SeptemberpercussionThe The5:47
AvalanchepercussionHeather Nova4:07
Back on the Dance FloorpercussionMark Knopfler5:30
BeautypercussionDavid Gilmour4:29
Behind With the RentpercussionMark Knopfler4:49
Behind With the Rentdrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler4:49
Beyond LovepercussionThe The4:20
Blood of MepercussionHeather Nova4:00
Bounty HunterpercussionDire Straits Legacy4:00
Careless WhisperpercussionWham!6:32
Dancing Right in Front of MepercussionDavid Gilmour6:11
DirtDanny CumminsshekerePenguin Cafe Orchestra4:49
Don’t Dream It’s OverpercussionPaul Young4:22
Drovers’ RoadpercussionMark Knopfler5:05
El MachopercussionMark Knopfler5:30
El tonto Simónguest and percussionRadio Futura5:13
El viento de Áfricaguest and percussionRadio Futura3:32
EmpirepercussionBomb the Bass feat. Benjamin Zephaniah & Sinéad O’Connor5:51
En alas de la mentiraguest and percussionRadio Futura4:07
En el chinoguest and percussionRadio Futura3:44
EpiphanypercussionDire Straits Legacy4:47
Every Heart in the RoompercussionMark Knopfler4:30
Faces of StonepercussionDavid Gilmour5:32
Fire and RainpercussionRandy Crawford4:03
Flesh of My FleshpercussionOrange Juice3:13
Floating AwaypercussionMark Knopfler5:02
Fonda de DoloresclavesJuan Perro3:48
Fonda de DoloresbellJuan Perro3:48
FreestatepercussionDepeche Mode6:44
God's LandpercussionDire Straits Legacy4:02
Good on You SonpercussionMark Knopfler5:37
Gravitate to MepercussionThe The8:10
Han caído los dosguest and percussionRadio Futura4:10
Heart and ShoulderpercussionHeather Nova3:59
Heart Full of HolespercussionMark Knopfler6:36
Heart Full of Holesdrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler6:36
Heavy UppercussionMark Knopfler6:00
Here and NowpercussionDire Straits Legacy5:00
I Get a Little BurnedpercussionRandy Crawford4:25
I’m AlivepercussionHeather Nova3:40
I’m Only Foolin’ MyselfpercussionPaul Young4:38
I’m the GirlpercussionHeather Nova5:24
In Hollywoodguest and percussionKim Wilde4:19
In the SkypercussionMark Knopfler7:31
In the Skydrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler7:31
Jesus StreetpercussionDire Straits Legacy3:46
Just a Boy Away From HomepercussionMark Knopfler5:12
Kingdom of RaincongasThe The5:54
La ciudad interiorguest and percussionRadio Futura4:31
La vida en la fronteraguest and percussionRadio Futura5:40
Las líneas de la manoguest and percussionRadio Futura4:26
Let It All GopercussionMark Knopfler5:18
Let It All Godrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler5:18
Let the Happiness InpercussionDavid Sylvian5:37
London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)percussionHeather Nova3:51
Looking for AmericapercussionDire Straits Legacy5:50
Madame Geneva’sdrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler3:59
Madame Geneva’spercussionMark Knopfler3:59
MagdalenepercussionDire Straits Legacy4:20
Make You MinepercussionHeather Nova4:57
Matchstick ManpercussionMark Knopfler2:52
Mother and ChildpercussionDavid Sylvian3:15
My Bacon RollpercussionMark Knopfler5:35
No tocarteguest and percussionRadio Futura4:29
Nobody Does ThatpercussionMark Knopfler5:15
Nobody’s ChildpercussionMark Knopfler4:16
On the Turning Away (2019 remix)percussionPink Floyd5:41
One More MatineepercussionMark Knopfler4:08
One Slip (2019 remix)percussionPink Floyd5:10
One Song at a TimepercussionMark Knopfler6:17
One to One ReligionpercussionBomb the Bass feat. Carlton4:16
OrpheuspercussionDavid Sylvian4:51
Paper CuppercussionHeather Nova3:29
PermanentpercussionRandy Crawford3:39
Punish the MonkeypercussionMark Knopfler4:38
Punish the Monkeydrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler4:38
Rattle That LockpercussionDavid Gilmour4:56
ready for the stormhi-hatHaLo3:49
ready for the stormtriangleHaLo3:49
ready for the stormshakers [shaker]HaLo3:49
ready for the stormcuíca [quica]HaLo3:49
Rear View MirrorpercussionMark Knopfler2:29
RosasolisDanny CumminspercussionPenguin Cafe Orchestra4:22
Ruby RedpercussionHeather Nova4:05
SandcastlespercussionBomb the Bass feat. Bernard Fowler4:34
Secondary WaltzpercussionMark Knopfler3:44
Secondary Waltzdrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler3:44
Slow LearnerpercussionMark Knopfler4:34
Sorrow (2019 remix)percussionPink Floyd8:46
Sweetest ThingpercussionRandy Crawford4:15
Tell Me WhypercussionDire Straits Legacy4:16
The Boy With the GunpercussionDavid Sylvian5:19
The Fish and the Birddrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler3:45
The Fish and the BirdpercussionMark Knopfler3:45
The Fizzy and the StillpercussionMark Knopfler4:08
The Fizzy and the Stilldrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler4:08
The Night That Minnie Timperley DiedpercussionPulp4:41
The Scaffolder’s WifepercussionMark Knopfler3:52
The Scaffolder’s Wifedrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler3:52
Tidal WavepercussionBomb the Bass feat. River4:08
TodaypercussionDavid Gilmour5:56
Trapper ManpercussionMark Knopfler6:00
True Love Will Never Fadedrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler4:22
True Love Will Never FadepercussionMark Knopfler4:22
Twisting the KnifepercussionDire Straits Legacy3:50
Two Days OffpercussionDire Straits Legacy4:09
Un vaso de agua (al enemigo)guest and percussionRadio Futura3:57
Useless (album version)percussionDepeche Mode5:12
Valley of SoundpercussionHeather Nova4:20
We Can Get WildpercussionMark Knopfler4:19
We Can Get Wilddrums (drum set) [drums]Mark Knopfler4:19
What a FeelingpercussionHeather Nova4:46
When Poets Dreamed of AngelspercussionDavid Sylvian4:47
When the Evening ComespercussionRandy Crawford4:21
When You LeavepercussionMark Knopfler4:12
Who’s Your Baby NowpercussionMark Knopfler3:08
WidescreenpercussionHeather Nova4:19
Winter BluepercussionHeather Nova4:56
白い月 (white moon)triangleHaLo4:39
白い月 (white moon)waterphone [waterfone]HaLo4:39
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)rainstick [rain stick]HaLo3:09
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)ankle rattlers [ankle beads]HaLo3:09
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)bell [Tibetan bells]HaLo3:09
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)wood blockHaLo3:09
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)chimesHaLo3:09
眠れぬ夜 (sleepless night)cymbalHaLo3:09
Central LinebongosCentral Line
Central LinepercussionCentral Line
Central LinecongasCentral Line
Central LinebongosCentral Line
Central LinepercussionCentral Line
Central LinecongasCentral Line
De vuelta y vueltaadditional and percussion [percusión también]Jarabe de Palo
Ocean DrivepercussionLighthouse Family
On a Day Like TodaypercussionBryan Adams
On the NightpercussionDire Straits
Postcards From HeavenpercussionLighthouse Family
Real Live RoadrunningmembranophoneMark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris
UnpluggedpercussionBryan Adams
白い月 (white moon)coHaLo4:39
3 Chord TrickDire Straits Legacy4:16
Back on the Dance Floorbackground vocalsMark Knopfler5:30
Bounty HunterDire Straits Legacy4:00
EpiphanyDire Straits Legacy4:47
God's LandDire Straits Legacy4:02
Here and NowDire Straits Legacy5:00
Jesus StreetDire Straits Legacy3:46
Looking for AmericaDire Straits Legacy5:50
MagdaleneDire Straits Legacy4:20
One Song at a Timebackground vocalsMark Knopfler6:17
Tell Me WhyDire Straits Legacy4:16
Twisting the KnifeDire Straits Legacy3:50
Two Days OffDire Straits Legacy4:09
On the Nightbackground vocals [backing vocals]Dire Straits
UnpluggedBryan Adams