Yazoo (80s British synthpop duo, aka Yaz)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Short Film 36:58
Don't Go (live, 1982-07-15: Top of the Pops) 2:45
Don't Go (live, 1982-07-24: Saturday Live) 2:56
Don't Go (live, 1982-08-12: Top of the Pops) 2:52
Don't Go (promotional video) 2:50
Don’t Go ?:??
Nobody's Diary (live, 1983-05-19: Top of the Pops) 3:56
Nobody's Diary (live, 1983-12-06: Top of the Pops) 3:47
Nobody's Diary (promotional video) 3:57
Nobody’s Diary ?:??
Only You (live, 1982-04-29: Top of the Pops) 2:48
Only You (live, 1982-05-24: Cheggers Plays Pop) 2:52
Only You (promotional video, 1999) 2:57
Situation (promotional video, 1990) 2:42
Situation (promotional video, original) 2:54
The Other Side of Love (live, 1982-11-25: Top of the Pops) 3:01
The Other Side of Love (live, 1982-12-09: Top of the Pops) 2:47
The Other Side of Love (promotional video) 3:00

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