Delerium (Canadian trance/electronic/ambient band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Love Delerium 4:03
Love (acoustic) Delerium CAN110800946 3:35
Lumenis Delerium feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian CAN110601586 3 6:45
Made to Move Delerium feat. Mimi Page 6:12
Magic Delerium feat. Julee Cruise 4:36
Magic Delerium 4:36
Me and My DJ Delerium 3:08
Mecca Delerium 4:24
Metamorphosis Delerium 8:26
Metaphor Delerium 7:47
Monarch Delerium feat. Nadina 5:18
Monarch (album version) Delerium 5:18
Monarch (Bause instrumental mix) Delerium 6:35
Monarch (Bause radio edit) Delerium 3:33
Monarch (Bause remix) Delerium 6:35
Monarch (James Hockley radio edit) Delerium 3:00
Monarch (James Hockley remix) Delerium 6:05
Monarch (Knifed remix) Delerium 5:04
Monarch (Molitor dub mix) Delerium 5:07
Monarch (Molitor radio edit) Delerium 3:16
Monarch (Molitor remix) Delerium 5:07
Monarch (radio edit) Delerium 4:00
Monolith Delerium 7:43
Monolith Delerium 10:00
Monuments of Deceit Delerium 4:16
Morpheus Delerium 4:55
Morphology Delerium 9:29
Morphology Delerium 8:52
Music Box Opera Delerium 5:31
Music Box Opera Delerium 5:31
Myth Delerium feat. Joanna Stevens 6:10
Mythos Delerium 6:20
Nature's Kingdom Delerium 5:17
Nature’s Kingdom Delerium feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw 5:16
Nature’s Kingdom II Delerium feat. Jenifer McLaren 5:18
New Dawn Delerium 4:54
Not So Bad Delerium 5:10
Of the Tribe Delerium 5:11
Of the Tribe Delerium 5:12
Once in a Lifetime Delerium feat. JES 4:29
Orbit of Me Delerium feat. Leigh Nash 5:23
Orbit of Me Delerium feat. Leigh Nash (of Sixpence None The Richer) 5:23
Orbit Of Me Delerium 5:23
Orbit of Me (acoustic) Delerium CAN110800950 4:27
Otherworld Delerium 4:50
Otherworld Delerium 3:51
Paris Delerium feat. Aude 4:31
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (original club version) / Silence (Sanctuary mix) Safri Duo / Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan 3:20
Prophecy Delerium 5:21
Prophecy Delerium 6:32
Prophecy Delerium 5:19
Rain Down Delerium 5:48
Raindown Delerium 5:48
Ray Delerium 6:22
Red Hill Delerium 6:21
Relics Delerium 5:11
Remembrance Delerium 7:29
Remembrance (edit) Delerium 5:43
Remembrance (short edit) Delerium 5:43
Requiem Delerium 5:08
Ressurection Delerium 9:28
Resurrection Delerium 9:26
Returning Delerium feat. Kristy Thirsk 5:14
Returning Delerium 5:13
Returning (feat. Kristy Thirsk) Delerium 5:11
Rise Above Delerium 6:49
Rising Delerium 7:26
Ritual Delerium feat. Phildel 5:14
Ritual (album mix) Delerium feat. Phildel 5:12
Ritual (Alex Klingle dub remix) Delerium feat. Phildel 5:32
Ritual (Alex Klingle remix) Delerium feat. Phildel 5:32
Ritual (Architect remix) Delerium feat. Phildel 5:32
Ritual (Blush Response remix) Delerium feat. Phildel 5:56
Ritual (Matt Lange remix) Delerium feat. Phildel 6:37
Ritual (radio edit) Delerium feat. Phildel 4:11
Run for It Delerium feat. Leigh Nash 4:36
Run for It Delerium feat. Leigh Nash 3:47
Run For It Delerium 4:36
Run for It (radio edit) Delerium feat. Leigh Nash 4:12
Self-Saboteur Delerium feat. Kristy Thirsk CAN110601584 1.85 4:24
Send Me an Angel Delerium CAN110800952 3:52
Send Me an Angel (Andy Moor remix) Delerium 7:09
Send Me an Angel (Andy Moor remix) (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation” DJ‐mix) Delerium feat. Miranda Lee Richards 5:12
Send Me an Angel (Reely Chill mix) Delerium 4:51
Send Me an Angel (Streets of Fandango remix) Delerium 6:39
Sensorium Delerium 12:07
Sensorium Delerium 1:15
Sensorium Delerium 10:27
Serenity Delerium 7:20
Serenity Delerium 7:10
Serenity Delerium 7:20
Sermon Delerium 7:35
Seven Gates of Thebes Delerium 4:45
Shockwave Delerium 8:33
Shockwave Delerium 7:06
Shroud Delerium 4:46
Siege of Atrocity Delerium 7:45
Silence Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan 6:34
Silence Delerium 8:21
Silence Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan 6:28

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