Cabaret El Musical Madrid (Natalia Millán, Manuel Bandera, Asier Etxeandia, Patricia Clark, Emilio Alonso)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
¡Y Que! (So What) 3:22
Boda -Bis- (Married - reprise) 0:59
Boda (Married) 3:06
Cabaret 4:48
Dos Chicas (Two Ladies) 2:50
Entreacto (Entr'acte) 4:45
Gran Final (Finale) 5:03
La Mas Fabulosa (Perfectly Marvelous) 3:07
Mañana Me Toca a Mi -Todos- (Tomorrow Belongs to Me) 2:40
Mañana Me Toca a Mi (Tomorrow Belongs to Me) 0:57
Mein Herr 4:22
Money Money 3:20
No Se Lo Digas a Mami (Don't Tell Mama) 4:36
Piñas Tropicales (It Couln't Please More Pineapple) 3:43
Que Haria Usted (What Would You Do?) 3:18
Quizas Ahora (Maybe This Time) 2:50
Si La Mirais Con Mis Ojos (If You Could See Her) 3:54
Who The X Is Ogi? 3:50
Wilkommen 9:03
Y a Mi Que (I Don't Care Much) 2:48

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