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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
'Star Wars' Theme Meco 6:26
A Christmas Sighting ('Twas the Night Before Christmas) Meco 3:44
A Jedi Knight Meco 5:26
Across The Stars/Princess Lei'as Theme (Star Wars Love Themes) Meco 4:04
Bad Moon Rising Meco 3:31
Bells, Bells, Bells Meco 3:15
Big Band Medley, Part 1 Meco Monardo 14:41
Big Band Medley, Part 2 Meco Monardo 6:29
Blue Moon Meco 3:48
Boogie Wookiee Meco 6:24
Bump In (DJ Vibe DJ-Mix) Meco 3:03
Cairo Nights (Bolero D'Cairo) Meco 3:13
Can You Read My Mind? Meco ?:??
Cantina Band Meco 3:32
Chasing Rockets Meco ?:??
Christmas in the Stars Meco 3:18
Clearmotion Meco 3:59
Cousin Jar Jar Meco 3:34
Crazy Rhythm Meco 3:49
Crazy Rhythm Meco 3:41
Cyclone Meco 3:43
Darth Vader / Yoda's Theme Meco 4:07
Darth Vader's Theme / Yoda's Theme Meco 3:36
Devil Delight Meco 7:50
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead Meco 2:00
Dorothy's Rescue Meco 1:11
Duel Of The Fates / Augie's Municiple Band Meco 3:23
Empire Strikes Back Meco 3:07
Empire Strikes Back (medley) (single edit) Meco 3:02
Empire Strikes Back (Medley): Darth Vader / Yoda's Theme Meco 4:06
End Title Theme Meco ?:??
Ewok Celebration Meco 3:10
Ewok Celebration (7" edit) Meco Feat. Duke Bootee 3:23
Ewok Celebration (club version) Meco 6:55
Ewok Celebration (dub version) Meco 4:35
Ewok Celebration (From "Return of the Jedi") Meco 5:41
Finale Meco 2:30
Fortress Of Solitude Meco ?:??
Funk Meco 3:36
Grazing In The Grass Meco 3:23
Growing Up Meco ?:??
Harry James Medley Meco Monardo 7:50
Hooked on Brass: A Taste of Honey / Portuguese Washerwoman Meco 2:35
Hooked on Funk: Fifth of Beetohoven / Feels So Good Meco 3:25
Hooked on Guitars: Guitar Boogie / Let There Be Drums / Wipe Out / Raunchy / Yep-Movin & Groovin' / Night Train Meco 3:40
Hooked on Instrumentals Part I: Holiday for Strings / Winchester Cathedral / Love's Theme / Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White / Theme from A Summer Place Meco 5:10
Hooked on Instrumentals Part II: Swedish Rhapsody / Midnight in Moscow / Delicado / Poor People of Paris Meco 3:45
Hooked on Instrumentals Part III: Entertainer / April in Portugal / Una Paloma Blanca / Autumn Leaves Meco 4:12
Hooked on Instrumentals Part IV: Swingin' Safari / Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon Meco 2:43
Hooked on Leroy Anderson: Sleigh Ride / Blue Tango / Trumpeter's Lullaby / Serenata / Bugler's Holiday Meco 7:58
Hot in the Saddle Meco 4:27
Hours Compton AV feat. Meco 3:47
I Am Your Father Meco 3:11
Icebound Meco 1:20
If I Were King of the Forest Meco 0:57
Imperial Attack Meco ?:??
In the Beginning Meco 3:27
Jedi Knight Meco 4:00
Lady Marion Meco 2:52
Lapti Nek Meco 4:54
Lapti Nek Meco 3:25
Lapti Nek (7" edit) Meco 3:00
Lapti Nek (From "Return of the Jedi") Meco 5:10
Live Your Life Meco 3:20
Living In The Night Meco 3:30
Lonesome Cowboys Bobby Bloom feat. Sissy Spacek, Meco, The Tradewinds & Irving Spice Strings & Others 4:38
Lord Of The Jungle Meco 5:13
Love Me, Dracula Meco 6:52
Love Theme (From "Superman III") Meco 3:10
Love Theme From Star Trek Meco 3:35
Love Theme From Star Trek Meco 3:34
Love Theme From Superman (Can You Read My Mind?) Meco 3:16
Main Title Theme Meco ?:??
Main Title Theme / The Land Of The Sand People / Princess Leia's Theme / Cantina Band / The Last Battle / End Title Meco 8:22
Maniac (From "Flashdance") Meco 3:57
March Of The Villains Meco ?:??
March of the Winkies Meco 1:20
Meco's Theme Meco 5:33
Meco's Theme / 3 W. 57 Meco 5:32
Meco's Theme/3 W. 57 Meco 5:36
Merry, Merry Christmas Meco 2:10
Meteorites Meco 3:50
Moon Dance Meco 4:30
Moondancer Meco 4:13
Moondancer Meco 4:11
Moondancer Meco 8:06
Munchkinland Meco 1:19
Munchkinland (Again) Meco 0:40
Nights Are Forever (From "Twilight Zone - The Movie") Meco 3:43
No More Mr. Nice Guy Meco 3:27
Optimistic Voices Meco 1:31
Other Galactic Funk Meco 12:31
Other Galactic Funk (album version) Meco 12:31
Other Galactic Heroes Meco ?:??
Other Galactic Heroes: The Boy Wonder / The Caped Crusader / Lord Of The Jungle / The Amazing Amazon Meco ?:??
Over the Rainbow Meco 1:58
Over the Rainbow Meco 1:05
Over the Rainbow / Cyclone / Munchkinland / Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead / Munchkinland (Again) / We're Off to See the Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) Meco ?:??
Over the Rainbow / Cyclone / Munchkinland / We're Off to See the Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) / Poppies / Optimistic Voices / The Merry Old Land of Oz / The Haunted Forest (The Attack of the Monkeys) / March of the Winkies / Dorothy's Rescue / Over the Rainbow / The Reprise (Delirious Escape / Over the Rainbow / Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead / Munchkinland) Meco 17:51
Over the Rainbow-We're Off to See the Wizard Meco 2:59

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