Johnny Parry (Johnny Parry Trio and Chamber Orchestra)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Love Song 9:04
Attached to a Ghost 4:26
Brave and Good 3:28
Break Your Little Heart 4:42
Buried in Leaves 3:34
Dine Alone 5:06
Excerpt From Mr. Tozer the Clown 3:32
Fields and Birds and Things 3:49
Find Your Way Home 7:24
God Loves Me 5:52
God Still Loves Me 4:06
Hotel Floor 3:24
If I Was a Killer 7:06
Keep Kicking and Screaming 3:55
Keepsake 4:39
Kicking And Screaming 6:48
Lie in a Hole 2:16
Little Ghost 4:19
Little Prayer No.1 2:21
Little Prayer No.1 (Elephant) 3:56
Little Prayer No.2 (Autumn) 3:36
Little Prayer No.3 (Here) 2:32
Little Prayer No.4 (At War) 4:38
Little Prayer No.5 9:50
Little Prayer No.5 (Hospital Walls) 4:21
Little Prayer No.6 4:54
Little Prayer No.6 (Bloody Grave) 5:24
Little Prayer No.7 (Lucy's Ghosts) 4:06
Little Prayer No.8 (Ships) 5:12
Little Prayer No.14 2:57
Little Prayer No.14 (Now That You're Gone) 5:25
Love and Death 5:32
Love and Death Will Hunt You Down 6:07
Love Will Hunt You Down 4:40
Lucy Isabella and I 5:52
Lucy's Little Brother 0:59
Lying Ahull 4:43
Marnie's Song 4:34
Men Will Hang 3:54
Men Will Hang Again 4:24
More Fields and Birds and Things 4:35
More Love and Death 6:34
Our Fathers Carousel 4:38
Paws 3:00
Piece By Piece 8:49
Rebuild it Piece by Piece 7:14
Sigfried and Eileen 5:26
Sweet Nothings 4:15
The Getaway Hearse 4:06
The Him 3:06
The Wonderful Adventures of Lucy and I 5:39
You Who Braved the Storm 2:50

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