Sexypop (French rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Second Chance FR19X0500029 4:18
Access to the Second Floor 3:00
Blackout/Light FR19X0500035 4:23
Break Up! 2:55
Broken Window 3:40
Could I Change FR19X0500028 2:25
Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely FR19X0500036 3:15
Girls Love Electric Sheep 3:07
Is This the End? FR19X0500038 2:14
Je suis une légende 3:49
Kate Too 3:08
Over 3:29
Over 3:29
Prayer 3:28
Pressure 0:49
Rock ’n’ Roll Is Written on My Bones FR19X0500034 3:12
She Said 2:58
So Down FR19X0500032 3:31
Still Inside FR19X0500037 3:39
The Counter 3:13
The World Is in My Hand FR19X0500033 3:57
This Is Not a Love Song 2:30
Time to Spend and Share FR19X0500030 3:36
Unreal Meeting 4:19
You Will Love This Song FR19X0500031 3:47

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