Brad Sinsel

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member of: TKO (USA, hard rock/heavy metal band) (lead vocals) (1977 – 1986)
War Babies (US hard rock band) (lead vocals) (1988 – 1992)
original member of: Suicide Squad (metal band from Seattle) (lead vocals)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bad Boy Blues lead vocals Suicide Squad 3:40
Can’t Use Ya’ lead vocals Suicide Squad 4:10
Hot and Heavy lead vocals Thrasher 4:25
Live It While You Can lead vocals Suicide Squad 3:40
No Solution lead vocals Suicide Squad 3:05
Widowmaker lead vocals Thrasher 5:20
Bad Boy Blues
Blue Tomorrow
Can’t Use Ya’
Cry Yourself to Sleep
Death Valley of Love
In the Wind
Killing Time
Live It While You Can
No Solution
Sea of Madness