Black Vomit (true Sheffield black psychedelia)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
... Sage of the Seers 1:11
A Premonition of Inevitable Doom 4:21
Clod 22:45
Condeclint5 2:23
Constdecnt 2:29
Dark Beloved Cloud 13:02
Deluge From Hell 2:52
Demons in the Black Smoke 7:45
Devil Pig (Black Vomit Version) QMMMH1300029 5 2:03
Evolution of Joy 8:47
Konna Yume Wo Mite (Such Dreams I Have Dreamed) 3:50
La Pastora (The Shepherdess)... 5:27
Last Cries of the Lost 3:00
Repositioning Chrome 1:33
St. Anthony's Fire (Ergot Death) 1:44
Tarmac Salad 10:59
Vigilante Night 5:42

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