Also performs as: Inertia (2009), Slaves No More (2019), and Sutcliffe No More (2021–)

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Renamed to: Slaves No More, Sutcliffe No More


Unspecified type

Pending Legal ActionConsumer Electronics & Sutcliffe Jügend1


2006Live AssaultSutcliffe Jügend1


1982CampaignSutcliffe Jugend1
1982We Spit on Their GravesSutcliffe Jugend3
1995Death MaskSutcliffe Jügend1
1998When Pornography Is No Longer EnoughSutcliffe Jügend1
1999The Victim as BeautySutcliffe Jügend1
2006Threnody for the Victims of IgnoranceSutcliffe Jügend1
2007This Is the TruthSutcliffe Jugend2
2007Japan TourSutcliffe Jugend / Satori1
2007TransgressionSutcliffe Jügend1
2008The Fall of NatureSutcliffe Jügend1
2008Merzbow / Sutcliffe Jügend / SatoriMerzbow / Sutcliffe Jügend / Satori1
2008PigdaddySutcliffe Jügend1
2011With Extreme PrejudiceSutcliffe Jügend1
2012Blue RabbitSutcliffe Jugend1
2012Pursuit of PleasureSutcliffe Jugend1
2013Sans Palatine UvulaSutcliffe Jugend and Junko1
2016The MuseSutcliffe Jugend1
2016MasksSutcliffe Jugend1
2016OffalSutcliffe Jugend3
2016S L A V E SSutcliffe Jugend1
2017ShameSutcliffe Jugend1
2017Nude and Full of WoundsSutcliffe Jugend1
2018The HungerSutcliffe Jügend2
2019RelentlessSutcliffe Jugend2
2020The DelugeSutcliffe Jugend1
2020Slaves No MoreSutcliffe Jugend1

Album + Compilation

1994Sutcliffe JugendSutcliffe Jugend1
2011Archive 4Sutcliffe Jügend1
2014Archive 5: Speak and Tell (Selected Rarities 2003–13)Sutcliffe Jügend1

Album + Live

2008End of AutumnSutcliffe Jügend / Prurient1
2018Live at Maschinenfest 2017Sutcliffe Jügend2
2020Live Aktions Singapore, 19 March 2011Sutcliffe Jugend1
2020Live Aktions Bangkok, 23 March 2011Sutcliffe Jugend1
2020Live Aktions Tokyo, 26 March 2011Sutcliffe Jugend1
2020Live in Leipzig, 19 May 2013Sutcliffe Jugend1


2000XISutcliffe Jügend1
2012Woe BetideSutcliffe Jugend1

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