Gallon Drunk (Punk Blues, Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Rockabilly, UK)

~ Group


members: Joe Byfield (percussion)
Nick Combe
Michael Delanian (bass guitar)
Terry Edwards (saxophonist/guitarist/horn player/member of the Higsons)
James Johnston (member of the Bad Seeds and Gallon Drunk)
Ian White (member of Gallon Drunk) (membranophone) (1993 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
Before the Fire Gallon Drunk 9:14
Dust in the Light Gallon Drunk 6:40
Over and Over Gallon Drunk 4:53
The Dumb Room Gallon Drunk 3:29
The Exit Sign Gallon Drunk 5:16
The Soul of the Hour Gallon Drunk 7:02
The Speed of Fear Gallon Drunk 5:56
A Thousand Years
Hanging On
I Just Can't Help but Stare
Killing Time
Stuck in My Head
The Big Breakdown
The Perfect Dancer
You Made Me