members: Liam Barksdale (trumpet)
Mike Birenbaum (organ)
Rodrigo Cerqueira (membranophone)
Bret Coffin (membranophone)
Eric Ellsworth (trombone)
Jason Nelson (US ska vocalist/saxophonist) (saxophone)
Colin Shroy (trombone)
Aaron Simms (keyboard)
Dave Sommer (bass)
original members: Rick Dybvad (lead vocals, guitar)
Steve Mandl (bass)
supporting drums (drum set) by: Sean Dugaw
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Date Title
Dorm Room
Found Love
Joey and Ranma
Locked in the Chapel of Love
Picture Show
Regular Guy
Rump Shaker
The Road Alone
Tie Me Up and Leave Me
We Don't Have to Go Now
We Have to Go Now