2020zero_oneThe Living Tombstone3.51

Album + Soundtrack

2021In Sound Mind (original soundtrack)The Living Tombstone1

Album + Remix

2013Tombstone RemixesThe Living Tombstone2
2021zero_one:reloadedThe Living Tombstone21


2011SeptemberThe Living Tombstone feat. Mic the Microphone & Zoe-Skye Edwards1
2011Good ol’ DaysThe Living Tombstone1
2011Like a Spinning RecordThe Living Tombstone2
2012Octavia’s OvertureThe Living Tombstone1
2012Love Me CheerileeGlaze + The Living Tombstone2
2012MagicThe Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G.1
2012Stuck in TimeThe Living Tombstone & Bronyfied1
2012Tom’s Dog (asdfmovie5 theme)The Living Tombstone1
2012Good GirlDasha and The Living Tombstone1
2012Lost on the MoonGlaze + The Living Tombstone feat. Rina Chan1
2012Louise the Lab RatThe Living Tombstone1
2013Jumping DevilThe Living Tombstone1
2014Collecting CookiesThe Living Tombstone feat. Mic the Microphone1
2014Five Nights at Freddy’sThe Living Tombstone3
2014Super Smash Mouth BrosThe Living Tombstone1
2014It’s Been So LongThe Living Tombstone1
2015Die in a FireThe Living Tombstone2
2015Dog of Wisdom (Blue version)The Living Tombstone feat. Joe Gran1
2015Dog of Wisdom (Red version)The Living Tombstone feat. Joe Gran1
2015Squid Melody (Blue version)The Living Tombstone1
2015Squid Melody (Blue version) (instrumental)The Living Tombstone1
2015Squid Melody (Red version)The Living Tombstone1
2015Squid Melody (Red version) (instrumental)The Living Tombstone1
2016I Got No TimeThe Living Tombstone1
2016Grim Grinning GhostsThe Living Tombstone feat. Crusher‐P & Corpse Husband1
2016It’s Raining MenThe Living Tombstone1
2016I Can’t Fix YouThe Living Tombstone1
2016Carol of the BellsThe Living Tombstone1
2017No MercyThe Living Tombstone ft. BlackGryphon & LittleJayneyCakes2
2017Don’t Tattle on MeThe Living Tombstone feat. Fandroid! & Caleb Hyles1
2017Bendy and the Ink MachineThe Living Tombstone1
2017Beep Beep I’m a SheepThe Living Tombstone1
2017Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion Song (1000 Doors)The Living Tombstone feat. Bslick & Crusher‐P1
2017EchoThe Living Tombstone1
2017Jump Up, Super Star!The Living Tombstone1
2017My Ordinary LifeThe Living Tombstone2
2017Jingle My BellsThe Living Tombstone1
2018Basics in Behavior (Blue version)The Living Tombstone feat. OR3O1
2018Cut the CordThe Living Tombstone1
2018I Don’t Know What Sex Is (Blue version)The Living Tombstone feat. Sam & Bill1
2018Pikachu’s Lament (Red version)The Living Tombstone1
2020DrunkThe Living Tombstone1
2020Alastor’s GameThe Living Tombstone1
2020SunburnThe Living Tombstone1
2020Love I NeedThe Living Tombstone1
2020ChosenThe Living Tombstone1
2021Getting BiggerThe Living Tombstone feat. Daniel J. Edwards & Cassie Ewulu1
2022Temporary LoveThe Living Tombstone feat. CG51
2022Hit the SnoozeThe Living Tombstone1
2022This Comes From InsideThe Living Tombstone1
2022No Mercy [Overwatch 2 remix]The Living Tombstone feat. Black Gryph0n, Jayn & Dan Bull1
2022TrappedThe Living Tombstone1
20234GETCG5, The Living Tombstone, OR3O1
2023Stuck Inside (CG5 Remix)Black Gryph0n, CG5 & The Living Tombstone1

Single + Soundtrack

2020The Watcher SongThe Living Tombstone1

Single + Remix

2012Pinkie Piggy (Piggy Dance remix)The Living Tombstone1
2012Discord (The Living Tombstone remix)The Living Tombstone3
2012Chop Suey (remix)The Living Tombstone1
2012Smile Song (The Living Tombstone’s remix)The Living Tombstone1
2012Song of Storms (remix)The Living Tombstone1
2013Jenny (remix)The Living Tombstone1
2014Make a Wish (µThunder and The Living Tombstone remix)The Living Tombstone1
2016Ghostbusters ThemeThe Living Tombstone1
2017Goodbye Moonmen (Rick and Morty remix)The Living Tombstone2
2017Last Christmas (Wham! remix)The Living Tombstone1
2022No Mercy (Overwatch 2 remix)The Living Tombstone feat. Black Gryph0n, Jayn & Dan Bull1
2023Join Us for a Bite (Remix)The Living Tombstone1
2023FNAF (Goth Remix)The Living Tombstone1
2024Poison (Hazbin Hotel Original Soundtrack) (official remix)Blake Roman, The Living Tombstone & Sam Haft1

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