Canibus (Jamaican-American rapper)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Salute Canibus ?:??
Say It Ain't So Canibus 2:40
Scars and Stripes Matt Maddox feat. Canibus 4:03
Schemes & Slaves Reel Wolf feat. Grinz, Mic Gutz & Canibus 3:55
Second Round K.O. Canibus USUR19801177 4:37
Second Round K.O. Canibus ?:??
Second Round K.O. Canibus 4:03
Second Round K.O. (album version) Canibus 4:03
Second Round K.O. (clean version) Canibus 4:04
Second Round K.O. (instrumental) Canibus 3:55
Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts Canibus 4:27
Seismoluminescence Canibus 4:22
Seismoluminescence (RTJ Extended) Canibus 6:15
Seismoluminesence Canibus & Bronze Nazareth 4:20
Sharpshootaz Blazin’ Caps Canibus feat. K-Solo, Born Son, Willie Dynamite & Maintain 5:33
Shock Therapy Canibus 1:10
Shogun Canibus feat. Shaq Diesel 3:31
Shout Out to Lost Boyz (freestyle) Canibus ?:??
Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee Canibus 4:21
Shove This Jay‐Oh‐Bee Canibus with Biz Markie 4:21
Show ’em How Canibus ?:??
Showtime at the Gallow Canibus 4:41
Sinflation Canibus 6:00
Slang Scarfaces Freestyle Canibus 2:42
Slay Da Track Canibus 4:17
Snapshot of Infinity Canibus feat. Shaun 51 3:07
So Into You Canibus feat. Juli Egaro ?:??
Some Shit Keith Murray feat. Canibus & Déjà Vu 3:13
Spartibus Canibus 4:01
Stan 'n Can Canibus 1:59
Stan Lives Canibus 1:28
Star Spangled Banger (intro) Canibus 3:42
Star Spangled Banger (outro) Canibus 2:23
State vs. Kirk Jones Sticky Fingaz feat. Rah Digga, Redman, Canibus, Scarred 4 Life, Lord Superb & Guess Who 4:16
Stomp on Ya Brain Canibus feat. Journalist 3:34
Stop Smokin' Canibus 3:13
Stupid Producers Canibus 3:51
Stupid Producers Canibus ?:??
Summertime Heat Canibus 2:55
Super Ninjas Almighty feat. Cappadonna, Nino Graye, Planet Asia & Canibus ?:??
SuperLuminal Travel Canibus 4:56
Syballiance The Architect Presents feat. Canibus, Presto & Chopp Devize 4:33
Syndicates of War Sullee J feat. Canibus 3:54
Take "Dat Canibus feat. Star Awon/Ike Infa Diamond ?:??
Talk the Talk Canibus ?:??
Tha Dungeon Canibus feat. Kurupt 5:40
The Art Of Yo Canibus 6:23
The Awakening Canibus 1:14
The Bronzeman 2 Bronze Nazareth feat. Canibus & Raekwon 3:51
The C-Quel Canibus 3:36
The Cypher of Agartha Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. Canibus 3:46
The Cypher Of Agartha Canibus 3:43
The Cypher Of Bread & Butter Canibus 2:41
The Dragon of Judah Canibus 3:17
The Dungeon Canibus feat. Kurupt 5:40
The Emerald Cypher Canibus 6:44
The Emerald Cypher (Extended Version) Canibus 7:47
The Fusion Centre Canibus feat. Vinnie Paz 2:24
The Fusion Centre Canibus feat. Canibus 2:29
The Future Canibus 3:37
The Ghost Of Hip Hop's Past Canibus 5:16
The Goetia Canibus 3:06
The Golden Cypher Canibus 3:34
The Golden Cypher (Extended Version) Canibus 4:11
The Hip Hop Grail (Og Version) The Architect Presents feat. Canibus, Tony Touch & Chopp Devize 3:40
The Kings Sent for Me (Samurydas remix) Canibus & Bronze Nazareth feat. Raekwon, Kurupt & Craig G 4:25
The Last Christians Canibus 9:21
The Lullaby Of Champions (Acapella) (Hidden Bonus Track) Canibus 2:58
The Messenger’s Message Canibus ?:??
The Mic Disease Canibus 2:04
The Odds (feat. Nappi Music) Canibus 3:19
The Primary Axiom Canibus 5:37
The Principle of Equivalence Canibus 4:59
The Rip Off Canibus 4:26
The Rude Boy Oscars Canibus 4:17
The Siege Rasul Allah 7 feat. Lex Starwind & Canibus 4:14
The Spitboss Cypher Canibus 6:40
The Type That Canibus 3:38
There Has He Been Canibus feat. K-Solo 2:45
They Don't Know Canibus 4:14
Thirty Three Three's Canibus 2:36
This Ain’t the Movies Canibus 5:23
This Is Not a Dream Canibus 1:02
This Is Rome Canibus & Bronze Nazareth feat. Pyrit 6:06
Thug-A-Nomics Freestyle Canibus 0:51
Tibetan Black Magicians Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Canibus 4:51
Time Flies, Life Dies... (intro) Canibus & Bronze Nazareth 1:53
Time Travelers Canibus 3:19
Title 17 USMC Canibus ?:??
Tony Touch Freestyle Canibus 1:49
Tyrique Canibus 4:51
U Didn't Care Canibus 4:31
U Didn't Care (Eminem diss) Canibus ?:??
U Didn't Care (Remix) Canibus ?:??
U Don't Cee Canibus 3:04
U Know Who Canibus 2:50
U Won't Win The Architect Presents feat. Canibus 1:32
Understand Me (interlude) Canibus 3:10
Uni-4-Orm Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah & Canibus 4:44
Untitled (Hidden Bonus Track) Canibus 2:00

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