Canibus (Jamaican-American rapper)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Cypher Of Five Mics (Extended Version) Canibus 5:45
Cypher Of Steel Canibus 3:44
Cypher With Self Canibus 6:02
Da Facelift Canibus 3:50
Da Paycut Canibus 2:02
Da' Pacelift Canibus ?:??
Dance, Octopus Dance Canibus 2:41
Dead by Design Canibus 4:53
Dead By Design Remix Canibus 4:27
Dear Academy Canibus 3:17
Die Slow Canibus 4:05
Die Slow Canibus 4:00
DJ Keep Playing Canibus 3:46
DJ Rukiz Talks About II Battle Canibus 0:36
Do It Live! (feat. Blaq Poet, Skarlet Rose & Presto) Canibus 4:29
Doomsday News Canibus 3:54
Doomsday News Canibus 3:33
Douleur commune Canibus, Ol’ Kainry, Tandem & Kazkami ?:??
douleurs communes (Common Pains) Canibus 4:35
DR C PhD Canibus 3:16
Dr. Manhattan in Action Canibus 4:52
Draft Me! Canibus feat. C4 4:35
Dragon Of Judah Remix Canibus 5:11
Drama A/T Canibus feat. Luminati 5:52
Dread Alert Part II Canibus 9:05
Dreaming Craig G feat. Canibus 4:01
Dreamzzzzz Canibus ?:??
Dyson's Fear of Spheres Canibus 6:27
Emergency Broadcast Canibus 3:38
Escape to Victory Canibus 4:35
Escape to Victory Canibus 4:24
Espionage Almighty feat. Planet Asia, Nino Graye & Canibus ?:??
F.A.M Almighty feat. Canibus, Bronze Nazareth, M-80, Nino Graye & Kool G Rap ?:??
Fait Accompli Canibus 5:09
Falster Ego (Bis vs. Rip) Canibus ?:??
Fantastic 4 DJ Clue? feat. Cam'ron, Big Pun, Noreaga & Canibus 5:10
Father Author, Poor Pauper Canibus ?:??
Fight With The Champ Canibus 2:22
Firm Verse Canibus 1:12
Flower in the Addict, Pt. 2 Jonathan Hay & Cyhi the Prynce feat. Canibus, Frida Dee & Sabrina Hale 4:43
Follow the Pied Piper Canibus 3:12
For Whom the Beat Tolls Canibus ?:??
Formula Won Canibus & Bronze Nazareth 3:55
Fractal 9 Fugitive 9 feat. Canibus 4:42
Fraternity of the Impoverished Canibus 4:27
Free Words Canibus ?:??
Freestyle Canibus USRC19807576 1:22
Freestyle Papoose feat. Jae Millz, Canibus, Lord Tariq, McGruff & Cory Gunz ?:??
Freestyle Canibus 2:17
Freestyle Canibus feat. Journalist 2:55
Freestyle Canibus ?:??
Freestyle Canibus ?:??
Full Battle Rattle Canibus 3:48
Fusion Centre (ft. Canibus) Vinnie Paz feat. Canibus 2:55
Genabis Canibus 4:12
Get Off Ya Knees Canibus 4:13
Get Off YaKneez Canibus 4:13
Get Retarded Canibus USUR19801175 4:07
Get Retarded Canibus 3:21
Get Retarded Canibus 2:40
Get Retarded (Omni blend) Canibus 1:53
Get Up Freestyle Canibus 1:38
Give It More Canibus 3:17
Give Me Not Control Canibus & Bronze Nazareth 4:13
God’s Calling (interlude) Canibus 0:17
God$Les$ America Canibus 5:34
Gold & Bronze Magik Canibus feat. Bronze Nazareth & Copywrite 5:32
Gold & Bronze Remix Canibus 4:14
Golden Terra of Rap Canibus ?:??
Golden Terra of Rap (iM remix) (feat. Von Pea, Donwill, TRUTHLiVE & Moe Green) Canibus ?:??
Gon 'Till November Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:18
Gone In 60 Seconds Canibus 0:55
Gone Till November Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:31
Gone Till November Canibus 1:31
Gone Till November Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:18
Gone till November (The Makin' Runs remix) Wyclef Jean feat. R. Kelly & Canibus 4:05
Gone Till November (The Makin' Runs remix) Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:42
Gone Till November (The Makin' Runs remix) Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:56
Gone Till November (The Makin' Runs Remix) Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 3:58
Gone Till November (The Makin’ Runs remix) Wyclef Jean feat. Canibus 4:05
Good Equals Evil Canibus ?:??
Got Bitches Canibus ?:??
Gotta Get That Doe! Canibus 4:10
Group Home Family Canibus feat. Lost Boyz 4:11
Group Home Family (Omni blend) Canibus 2:34
Guerilla Monsoon Freestyle Canibus 2:42
Gybaotic Canibus ?:??
Handle the Heights Almighty feat. Canibus, M-80, Bronze Nazareth & Keith Murray 4:57
Handle the Heights (Stenchman remix) Wu‐Tang Clan feat. Canibus, M 80 & Bronze Nazareth 4:48
Harbinger of Light Canibus ?:??
Hate U 2 Canibus feat. PakMan 3:35
Haters Anthem (Omni3 remix) Canibus feat. Jean Grae & Pharoahe Monch 3:50
Heat Wave Hot 97 Freestyle Canibus 3:20
Hell Pharoahe Monch feat. Canibus 3:10
Here 4 Free Canibus ?:??
Heresy Rasul Allah 7 feat. Cosmic Crusader & Canibus 3:39
High Price Shots Almighty feat. Vinnie Paz, Bronze Nazareth, Canibus & Planet Asia ?:??
Hip Hop Canibus 3:19
Hip Hop (What ya Want) Canibus feat. Nottz 3:19
Hip-Hop Black Ops Canibus 3:35

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