Jake E. Lee

~ Person


member of: Badlands (USA,heavy metal band led by Jake E. Lee)
Ratt (US rock band) (electric guitar) (1980 – 1981)
Dio (band with Ronnie James Dio) (electric guitar) (1982)
original member of: Rough Cutt (electric guitar) (1981 – 1983)
Red Dragon Cartel (electric guitar) (2013 –)
supporting guitar for: Ozzy Osbourne (1982 – 1987)
tribute artists: Ozzy Bloody Bastard (Ozzy Osbourne tribute band)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Jade’s Song
Ball & Chain keyboard Badlands 4:11
Ball & Chain guitar Badlands 4:11
Bark at the Moon guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:17
Centre of Eternity guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:24
Dancing on the Edge guitar Badlands 3:27
Dancing on the Edge keyboard Badlands 3:27
Devil’s Stomp guitar Badlands 4:54
Devil’s Stomp keyboard Badlands 4:54
Dreams in the Dark keyboard Badlands 3:29
Dreams in the Dark guitar Badlands 3:29
Fight From Inside guitar Jack Blades 3:52
Fool Like You guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:19
Get Down Make Love guitar and solo Glenn Hughes, Jake E. Lee, Bob Kulick, Billy Sherwood, Tony Franklin & Carmine Appice 4:13
Get Down Make Love (Die Krupps remix) guitar Glenn Hughes, Jake E. Lee & Bob Kulick 3:52
Hard Driver guitar Badlands 4:50
Hard Driver keyboard Badlands 4:50
High Wire guitar Badlands 3:45
High Wire keyboard Badlands 3:45
It's a Long Way to the Top guitar Jake E. Lee, James Morley, Lemmy Kilmister, Ricky Phillips & Simon Wright 5:38
Jade’s Song keyboard Badlands 1:23
Jade’s Song guitar Badlands 1:23
Killer of Giants guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:41
Lightning Strikes guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:13
Never guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:21
Never Know Why guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:28
Now You See It (Now You Don’t) guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:06
Rock ’n’ Roll Rebel guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:28
Rumblin’ Train guitar Badlands 5:46
Rumblin’ Train keyboard Badlands 5:46
Seasons keyboard Badlands 6:20
Seasons guitar Badlands 6:20
Secret Loser guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:08
Seek & Destroy guitar Chuck Billy, Jake E. Lee, Jimmy Bain & Aynsley Dunbar 6:44
Shot in the Dark guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:17
Slow Down guitar Ozzy Osbourne 4:20
So Tired guitar Ozzy Osbourne 3:59
Streets Cry Freedom keyboard Badlands 6:10
Streets Cry Freedom guitar Badlands 6:10
Surfing With the Alien guitar [lead guitar] Jake E. Lee 4:13
Thank God for the Bomb guitar Ozzy Osbourne 3:53
The Ultimate Sin guitar Ozzy Osbourne 3:43
Waiting for Darkness guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:16
Winter’s Call guitar Badlands 5:35
Winter’s Call keyboard Badlands 5:35
You’re No Different guitar Ozzy Osbourne 5:02
Dissonance guitar Enuff Z’Nuff
Jade’s Song
Crazy Train Sebastian Bach & Jake E. Lee 5:02
Ball & Chain
Dancing on the Edge
Devil’s Stomp
Dreams in the Dark
Fool Like You
Hard Driver
High Wire
High Wire
Killer of Giants (Ozzy Osbourne song) Jake Lou Williams
Lightning Strikes
Never Know Why
Rumblin’ Train
Secret Loser
Streets Cry Freedom
Thank God for the Bomb
The River
The Ultimate Sin
Winter’s Call