Daniel Menche (American noise / drone musician)

~ Person

Also performs as: BEAST (drum/noise project by Daniel Menche), Johnny Pinkhouse



1993IncinerationDaniel Menche4
1994Furnace FuckerDaniel Menche2
1994Static BurnDaniel Menche4
1995Blood SandDaniel Menche2
1997Field of SkinDaniel Menche3
1997Screaming CaressDaniel Menche3
1998VentDaniel Menche3
2001October’s LarynxDaniel Menche2
2002The Face of VehemenceDaniel Menche2
2003Beautiful BloodDaniel Menche2
2003InvokerDaniel Menche2
2003DelugeDaniel Menche2
2003GardenDaniel Menche & Kiyoshi Mizutani2
2004SkadhaDaniel Menche2
2004Eye on the SteelDaniel Menche2
2004Song of JikeKiyoshi Mizutani & Daniel Menche2
2005SiroccoDaniel Menche2
2005Flaming TonguesDaniel Menche2
2005Together We Shall Melt Mountains With Our BloodDaniel Menche2
2005Wings on FireDaniel Menche2
2006ConcussionsDaniel Menche2
2006Concrushing BeastsDaniel Menche1
2006JugularisDaniel Menche2
2006Creatures of CadenceDaniel Menche2
2006Beast ResonatorDaniel Menche2
2006RaijinKK Null & Daniel Menche2
2006ApostateDaniel Menche1
2007Deluge & SunderDaniel Menche2
2007AnimalityDaniel Menche2
2007Bleeding HeavensDaniel Menche2
2007Wolf’s MilkDaniel Menche2
2008Glass ForestDaniel Menche2
2008The Progeny of FliesAndrew Liles & Daniel Menche2
2008UnleashZbigniew Karkowski & Daniel Menche2
2009StalemateMike Shiflet & Daniel Menche2
2009KataractDaniel Menche4
2009OdradekDaniel Menche2
2010Raw FallDaniel Menche2
2010Silver HellDaniel Menche2
2010Terre ParoxysmDaniel Menche2
2011Like a Ghost Singing to YouDaniel Menche2
2011FeralDaniel Menche2
2011Yaguá OvyDaniel Menche & Anla Courtis2
2012GutsDaniel Menche3
2012Quanta of LightDaniel Menche2
2012Real Fake CloudsDruome & Daniel Menche1
2012OrthrusJohn Haughm & Daniel Menche1
2012Raw Recording Series, Volume OneDaniel Menche1
2013VilkéDaniel Menche3
2013Marriage of MetalsDaniel Menche2
2013Leprous DronesDaniel Menche1
2014Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity / I Heard Only the Eternal StormDaniel Menche / William Fowler Collins1
2015Raw Recording Series, Volume TwoDaniel Menche1
2015CatalepsyDaniel Menche3
2015CraterDaniel Menche and Mamiffer3
2016Cave CanemDaniel Menche1
2016Raw Cello SessionsDaniel Menche1
2016KELLOPeter Weibel / Daniel Menche / Kommissar Hjuler1
2016SleeperDaniel Menche2
2017SlumberDaniel Menche1
2017NoxAaron Turner & Daniel Menche2
2017House of Low Culture / Caustic Touch / Daniel Menche / EMSHouse of Low Culture / Caustic Touch / Daniel Menche / EMS1
2018From Here to ElectricityDaniel Menche1
2019DesiccationDaniel Menche1
2019AcediaDaniel Menche1
2019Melting GravityDaniel Menche2
2019Thawing GravityDaniel Menche1
2019Where Language EndsDaniel Menche2
2020PolarizerDaniel Menche1
2020Primal FictionsDaniel Menche2
2020Now We Are a Ghost ShipDaniel Menche1
2020Drowning the SkyDaniel Menche1
2020VestigeDaniel Menche1
2020Cuspa LlulluAnla Courtis & Daniel Menche1
2020Against the GyreDaniel Menche1
2020Forest of VoltsDaniel Menche1
2020Nothing Means NothingDaniel Menche1
2020SmokeDaniel Menche1
2020FumeDaniel Menche1
2020Smoldered VoicesDaniel Menche1
2020The SoaringDaniel Menche1
2021Devouring TimeDaniel Menche1
2021Departing PsalmDaniel Menche1
2021DirgeDaniel Menche2
2021Thaw of TimeDaniel Menche1
2021Ugly as SinDaniel Menche1
2021Sacrificed Phloem (Zannec Line)Francisco López & Daniel Menche1
2021NestDaniel Menche1
2021BunkerDaniel Menche1
2021Rust to RustDaniel Menche1
2022Wound StormDaniel Menche1
2022Frozen GhostsDaniel Menche1
2022HushDaniel Menche1
2022ForlornDaniel Menche1
2022Lucid DecayDaniel Menche1
2022Falling SilverDaniel Menche1
2022Within and WithoutDaniel Menche1
2022Let Me Sleep on ItDaniel Menche1
One Hour as the Sky’s Painted Red, the Earth’s Painted Black and She’s Painted WhiteDaniel Menche1

Album + Compilation

2005Scattered Remains: Early RaritiesDaniel Menche2

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